Warrant Officer Alan Poole is an operative for ONI Security attached to Task Force Foxtrot as its second-in-command to Lieutenant Viljo Jokinen. Prior to being drafted by ONI, he worked in the UNSC Army.

Biography Edit

Born in New Alexandria, Reach, Alan Poole had a fairly regular childhood up until his 13th birthday. In the evening, after dinner, Alan's father took him out to the cargo port, where he was employed as a dockworker. Here, young Alan was let in on a secret organisation his dad was part of: in the port, the dockworkers had set up a smuggling network, which trafficked liquor, drugs, exotic animals and even humans.

In the following six years, Alan was used as a messenger by the organisation, which called itself the Eclipse. In this period, he came into contact with the various criminal organisations in the city. These experiences have made him an excellent scout.

He continued to work for the Eclipse, until one night, he came eye to eye with a little girl, who had escaped from one of the Eclipse's human shipments. On occasions like these, he would have had to either take her back where she escaped from, or execute her. However, Alan couldn't bring himself to do so, finally realising how messed up it was. Instead, he let her go, and he proceeded to kill the top members of the Eclipse, which included his father. After this, he ran away and enlisted at the UNSC Army, where he made it to Sergeant First Class. At age 24, the Office of Naval Intelligence recruited him into their Security branch for his skill and expertise.

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