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Was used by the Legion of Malurok to serve as a decoy to lure the UNSC Look Out Below and Battle Group Zeta into a trap.

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Damn, it's hot.
Private Jack Brace, after landing on Ascoria.

Ascoria is a tropical planet in close proximity to the human colony of Oban.



In January 2553, after the Human-Covenant War, Ascoria, along with Oban, was discovered by the UNSC. Like Oban, Ascoria was meant to be used as a home for refugees, as it was found to have no need for terraforming.

Battle of AscoriaEdit

Main Article: Battle of Ascoria

Before the UNSC could colonise Ascoria, however, the Legion of Malurok, a Covenant remnant faction, landed on the planet, having successfully acquired the remaining Casket from the UNSC. From Ascoria's jungles, they transmitted a signal very similar to the one produced by a Casket, effectively drawing the UNSC Look Out Below and Battle Group Zeta to the planet, and leaving Oban, and the ONI research facilities it held, vulnerable to an attack.

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