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Phillipae 'Vlassam

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The Black Seraph Division is a highly autonomous branch of what was the Covenant's Ministry of Intelligence.


They were founded in 2439 in secret by a small group of Sangheili and San'Shyuum Councilors.

The Black Seraph Division was created to act swiftly in times when Covenant bureaucracy would not allow. BlaSDiv throughout their history has worked outside Covenant law and military regulations. Such autonomy, secrecy, and immunity allowed BlaSDiv to become a technological powerhouse within the Covenant. The use of artificial intelligence systems and casteless rank system within the Black Seraph Division are a couple examples.

The Prime DirectiveEdit

The Original Prime Directive of BlaSDiv was to protect and preserve the Covenant and to ensure the completion of the Great Journey.

During the Great Schism, a plan to destroy BlaSDiv was enacted by San'Shyuum members of the Council. This led to the eventual secession of BlaSDiv from the Covenant.

The Current Prime Directive of the Black Seraph Division is to protect and preserve Sanghelios, the Swords of Sanghelios, and to engage in general peace keeping operations where possible and practical across the known worlds. While priority is given to Sanghelios under this directive, it is current Black Seraph Division policy to provide support to the homeworlds of most of its member species.