• ReDquinox

    The Great Reset

    July 10, 2018 by ReDquinox

    Tadaaa! We're back! It's been a graveyard here for a long time now, eh? Well, not anymore. We're bringing this place back. The greatest form of necromancy I've ever seen: an entire wiki.

    Well, things won't be entirely the same. In light of how much of a dead end the Bravo canon has become, we've found it best to start with a clean slate. That way, the entire thing is way more accessible to newcomers. The entire canon has been removed from existence, or rather, has been rebranded: the articles and such are still there, but are now marked as part of the "Legacy" canon, through a header that looks like this:

    "I knew we shouldn't have let that kid join Bravo..." — Brad Michaels

    This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy art…

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  • FireDrag1091

    Novo Oymyakon VIII

    November 1, 2016 by FireDrag1091

    The frigid cold permeated through the layers of thermal coating that Mykola wore. The temperatures had dropped so low, that the Oymyakonian felt as if he had been wearing only just very thin clothing. No one dared to step beyond Khvostovgrad's city perimeter, as each metre someone stood further away from the planet's thermal vents that helped make the condition of city 'liveable,' the chances of death by hypothermia essentially doubled. Mykola didn't know whether or not to consider the Insurrection's retreat into the death boundary to be symbolic of their impending doom, or his.

    «Drive them in!» A voice boomed.

    Mykola shook his head, before he turned it in the direction of the noise being made. A modified Warthog with a snowplow drove forward…

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  • FireDrag1091

    Novo Oymyakon VII

    October 24, 2016 by FireDrag1091

    Nine months later... City perimeter of Khvostovgrad, Novo Oymyakon...

    The snow storm continued to press on the group of Oymyakonians that had trekked through the rubble of the city streets for hours. There was a line of individuals who had placed their hands on the shoulders of their comrades, as they carefully shuffled through the thigh-high snow. A small ball of ice ricocheted off the eyepiece of Mykola's thermal mask, as he shook it off and turned to announce: «Ice storm!»

    Typically whenever there were ice storms, it led to a declaration of weather emergency. Back in the old days, everyone on the streets would have been under order to head indoors to protect themselves from what would have soon become an ice storm of 10mm pellets of ice ak…

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  • FireDrag1091

    Novo Oymyakon VI

    August 3, 2016 by FireDrag1091

    Three days later... Khvostovgrad Police and Enforcement Department, Khvostovgrad, Novo Oymyakon...

    The centre of the Police and Enforcement Department was buzzing with activity, as the blood-stained marble and wooden floor was trodden upon with the winter boots of the police officers as they dragged screaming inmates around the floor. Individuals according to their crimes were grouped, bound with zip-ties and other restraints—whether they be UNSC troopers, Ice Bastards and strangely enough: Oymyakonians. The police officers monitored the detained groups carefully, tapping their fingers across the barrels of their seized UNSC-standard weapons.

    Others collected objects that had been scattered around the scene from the struggle incurred between…

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  • FireDrag1091

    Novo Oymyakon V

    July 24, 2016 by FireDrag1091

    Nine months earlier... The Romanov Pub, Khvostovgrad, Novo Oymyakon...

    Throughout the bar, there was the sound of people loading a variety of weapons: pistols, submachine guns and assault rifles. The light overhead flickered a bit, as the group of thirteen Oymyakonians loaded their weapons, eventually stopping as they checked their equipment and ensured it was loaded properly.

    The six Oymyakonians with pistols found a pocket or a nook in their clothes, loading the weapon in as Mykola loaded his M6D Magnum in an internal pocket in his heavy jacket. Vadim kept his arms folded, watching the Oymyakonians check and clear their weapons as he lowered his head to the ground.

    No one spoke as they went through the motions, as when the ones with the pisto…

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  • FireDrag1091

    Novo Oymyakon IV

    July 23, 2016 by FireDrag1091

    Many years earlier... Sergey's Boxing Arena, Khvostovgrad, Novo Oymyakon...

    Blood splattered across the white mat, as wounded boxer in the arena continued to drool with red spit. The wounded boxer fell to his gloved hands, as Mykola stepped over him with blue gloves covered in the other boxer's blood. Mykola laughed, as he grabbed the boxer by the shoulder and threw him into one of the four pins of the box. The boxer waved his hands, covering his face as Mykola reached down and offered help to the boxer.

    The boxer cowered before spotting the hand given by Mykola, seemingly questioning it as Mykola spoke: «Come on, you daft fuck! Let me help you up!»

    The boxer weakly offered Mykola his hand, as Mykola grabbed it and helped the boxer up. The boxer…

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  • FireDrag1091

    Novo Oymyakon III

    July 21, 2016 by FireDrag1091

    Six hours later... The streets of Khvostovgrad, Novo Oymyakon...

    Mykola sat on top of a sealed crate, as the transport he was inside rocked back and forth—as it tried to climb the snow and ice, and resist the snowstorm currently going on. The white light overhead flickered, as he looked towards the other people inside the back of the transport who also sat on top of similar crates.

    Everyone inside sat with their arms folded as they tightened their posture. It was still fucking cold, even on the inside of the back of a somewhat heated transport. One of them still had their thermal mask on, trying to keep herself warm.

    The transport eventually came to a stop, as Mykola could hear the doors outside the transport open and slam. He stood up, turni…

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  • FireDrag1091

    Novo Oymyakon II

    July 18, 2016 by FireDrag1091

    A week later... The Romanov Pub, Novo Oymyakon...

    Mykola looked at the cards he was handed, tapping his fingers gently against the table as he then quietly glanced over the expressions of everyone else at the table. All flat faces, not a single gleam of life in any of them. Typical, given the group that always accompanied him at the table.

    No one dared to fold, given the rules of the pub stated that if they did, it would mean they would buy everyone else a drink. It was worth losing only a few Uryurov's rather than paying 500 or so per drink.

    Mykola looked down at his hand, four cards that were two 3's, an 8 and a 5. A terrible fucking hand. Idea of the game was to get doubles or triples, which could then be added to and even numbers or face ca…

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  • FireDrag1091

    Novo Oymyakon I

    July 15, 2016 by FireDrag1091

    Just a heads up for the story, anything said with « » quotation marks that are italicised are in Oymyakonian. Regular quotation marks, (" ") are English.

    A loud explosion rocked overhead, followed by the staccato of gunfire—the sounds of war easily breaking through the beating winds of the incoming blizzard. A group of three pressed through the rubble scattering the streets, stepping over a line of bodies which had been placed along the line of the street. One member of the group stopped, looking over the body as he quickly looked for the cause of their deaths: spotting that only one of two were ended possibly killed by bullet wounds. He really couldn't tell anymore, as all the dead bodies appeared completely frostbitten from head to toe.

    A …

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  • Giraffe1111

    Tilaks Expanded

    June 28, 2016 by Giraffe1111

    The Cheems are some of the least powerful of the Tilaks, although their history is the most impressive. The story of the Cheems goes back a millennia, and speaks of science, culture, and power over the other tribes that waxed and waned with the years. Over time, the Cheems have forgotten most of their advancements for reasons that even they do not know. This left them weak at the most dangerous time, the Spirese conquests. The Spirese claimed the land of “llakmeh” (Rackmond) with the construction of a mighty fort, in the center of what was the Cheems’ territory. A series of civil wars within the leading powers led to instability, and the worst of omens were seen by the head priests. The Great Temple was struck by lightning. Another temple …

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  • Giraffe1111

    A Guide to Spirese

    June 23, 2016 by Giraffe1111

    Spira, and its langauge Spirese, was once the unifying power of the Loline Region, dominating land, sea, and even air in the form of spoken word.  In deed, the Great Spirese Empire ("Meillie Glorioth Efree do Sfilliie" in their tonge) was not just an Empire, but an entire world in its own right.  Outside of Spira's wide reach was a land of fear and darkness, best left unexplored, else the traveler wish to face death or worse.  The Spirese language shall be the topic of this chapter of the Records.  While much of Spiran culture was lost in the War of Floods, this is one few aspects of the massive Empire that remain to be studied.  It should be noted that Spirese is almost completely comprehensible to speakers of to-day's Spiran.

    A - Pronounc…

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  • Giraffe1111

    Regoria, "Land of Divergence" in the tongue of the Far North Elves, "Dawns Are Gone" in the language of the Dwarves, is a massive continent south of the magical north.  Host to many kingdoms, and even more conflicts, Regoria is a land of mystery and clarity.  Nomads and fortresses.  Rivers and deserts.  War and peace.  Hot and cold.  Brigands and barons.  Passion and loathing.  Assassins and soldiers.  Love and hatred.  You have heard of its rich tales from bards and kings alike, but there is much more to tell.  To get to the heart of Regoria's stories, we must go the beginning. 

    With the help of Kabtan Yusef, the Elves once again had horses, clothes, and food. And they even had Yusef himself, who was eager for an adventure westwa…

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  • Giraffe1111

    Regoria, "Land of Divergence" in the tongue of the Far North Elves, "Dawns Are Gone" in the language of the Dwarves, is a massive continent south of the magical north.  Host to many kingdoms, and even more conflicts, Regoria is a land of mystery and clarity.  Nomads and fortresses.  Rivers and deserts.  War and peace.  Hot and cold.  Brigands and barons.  Passion and loathing.  Assassins and soldiers.  Love and hatred.  You have heard of its rich tales from bards and kings alike, but there is much more to tell.  To get to the heart of Regoria's stories, we must go the beginning. 

    Elegolor and his party sailed south for three days before they found land again.  And what awaited them this time was very unlike the Stalwart Isles.  No…

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  • Giraffe1111

    Regoria, "Land of Divergence" in the tongue of the Far North Elves, "Dawns Are Gone" in the language of the Dwarves, is a massive continent south of the magical north.  Host to many kingdoms, and even more conflicts, Regoria is a land of mystery and clarity.  Nomads and fortresses.  Rivers and deserts.  War and peace.  Hot and cold.  Brigands and barons.  Passion and loathing.  Assassins and soldiers.  Love and hatred.  You have heard of its rich tales from bards and kings alike, but there is much more to tell.  To get to the heart of Regoria's stories, we must go the beginning. 

    The land of Carnethiel is much like many other lands.  In the north are snowcapped mountains, home to dwarves and trolls.  To the south, warm forests and…

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  • ReDquinox

    Age of Rapture lore

    March 22, 2016 by ReDquinox

    This blog will give an insight on the lore of the Age of Rapture universe we came up with. Any questions can be directed at Sean, Vess, Fire, Zero or myself.

    Age of Rapture is a futuristic science fiction universe set in the twenty-ninth century. After massive natural disasters wreak havoc on Earth in 2240, the Holy Roman and Ottoman empires of old rise again. Using an extraterrestrial element known as Caelium, mankind then undergoes rapid technological advance and starts colonising the galaxy. By the 29th century, humanity has colonised large portions of the Milky Way galaxy. Most of these territories are ruled by the Holy Roman or the Ottoman empire, both of which have become totalitarian, militaristic governments.

    On the 21st of April, 224…

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  • CT1303

    Once again, the Battle Series is going through a very rough stage. Although we got some new members, they are barely active. Dab hasn't posted since November, and CB and Locke usually just post one-liners that don't contribute much. Vessel, Red and I do post occasionally, but in the end, the only one who RPs actively is Sean. The reason for this problem is simple: the RP isn't as appealing as it used to be. There's also the fact that many of the posts on the RP are between brackets, which severely disrupt the flow of the action. Seriously, we're at 345 posts and we haven't even entered the rebel facility.

    So I decided to write this blog to get people's opinions on the matter. Do you have any other theories on why the RP is dying, or do you …

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  • Dab1001

    DAB-101: Retconmania

    October 3, 2015 by Dab1001

    Ok, it's time for stuff to change.

    I know DAB's name, backstory, and many other things about him are ridiculous. I have heard your complaints and I have ignored them, until now. When I joined the RP back in the Fourth Battle, I was only a year younger than I am now, but I was extremely naive. Since then, I've stubbornly held fast for no particular reason other than sentimentality, but after that ONI fiasco that everyone hated, I think some major retcons are in order.

    I'm going to suggest some retcons here that should help

    Just like the Doctor himself, DAB has gone unnamed for the entirity of the series, having only the name DAB-101. This will not change - he'll still be called DAB. The only major adjustment will be the removal of the -101 tag…

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  • Lord of the STARS

    Why it was made

    September 1, 2015 by Lord of the STARS

    Once a solder drafted into action of humanity of the covenant, by the end of the covenant powers one kig-yar had taken to building a military power of its own, using piracy againced terrorist forces and treasure hunts for forerunner tec he has used his time and wealth to turn kig-yar, who where, minor canon fodder and harmless merchants, into a Spartan army of over 350000 kig-yar pirate warriors. Having joined forces with a even more powerful kig-yar queen their fleets combined formed a powerful kingdom who's state was settled on the colony of a asteroid who's surface had been carved into with a glassing beam to form a body of water in the queens image. They are to this day known as "Lord of the Stars". A name equal to that of "Genghis Kha…

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  • ReDquinox

    Okay, so it is quite obvious that the wiki has bled out. The threads have all died, and the only thing that is really still in use is the chatroom. So, I decided to write this blog in order to find out why the wiki has died and, more importantly, how we can fix it.

    First of all: people have simply lost interest in the Battle Series. CT himself stated that in over a year of playing this RP, he has grown bored of it, and has taken to looking for other RPs, such as the Alien: Desolation RP. However, since no one knows how to continue it, that has sort of died too.

    Then, there's the fact that the Post-War is horrible. There is very little to do, except fighting some rebels and exterminating some remnant Covenant. And let's not forget the Prometh…

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  • Agent Locke

    Log 3 Character Bios

    August 21, 2015 by Agent Locke


    Password: ********************
















    Codeword: SILENT_NIGHT



    NAME: Nephilim Logan

    ALIASES/CALLSIGNS: Pike, Omega Nine Actual

    RANK: Master Sergeant(MSGT) E8

    MOS: 18Z(Senior Special Warfare Ser…

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  • Giraffe1111

    Original Bravo Plot

    August 19, 2015 by Giraffe1111

    So I've been thinking, look how far from the original plot plan we've strayed.  When we first made Another Battle, and we first met Baker and Croft, and we first were debriefed, everything revolved around it.  Even the premier update points to one thing.  The entire RP series would center around EUREKA.

    The following is the first update ever, quoted directly from Another Battle: 

    Besides the obvious typos and blatant forgetting of Drago, this proves the aforementioned.  Take a look.  Twenty-Five search zones to scan.  Enough for 25 or so threads depending on how the mission plays out.  Maybe more around 12, maybe 50.  And only 3 Caskets to find.     25:3.  It should not have been as easy as it was to find all the Caskets, all of them, on the se…

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  • Agent Locke

    Log 3 Chapters 1-4

    August 14, 2015 by Agent Locke


    April 19, 2553

    30 miles outside Star City


    Locke keyed the detonator and blew in the door, swinging in SMG-first. An insurrectionist popped up, and he shot it three times in the chest. One more started to turn and pull the trigger, but Locke hit him six times: Three in the head, one in the hand, two in the chest. He moved quickly towards the main door, smacking on another breaching charge. Far off, he heard Bogier's SRS fire. Inside, he heard yelling.

    Go time.

    Locke blew in the door, and started to pull the trigger-

    And felt the impact of a TTR round on his faceplate.

    "Gotcha, Locke."

    Johnson stepped out from around the corner, MA5 held loosely in hand. "Seriously, man, you're gonna get the hostages killed on the op."

    Locke sighed. …

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  • Agent Locke

    Log 3 Sneak Peek

    August 13, 2015 by Agent Locke


    July 13, 2573

    "And so we remember the sacrifices of those who came before. Today, we honor the men of Trident Company, 5th Shock Troops Battalion. We honor those who gave their lives to protect this planet."

    The general stepped down from the stand, and the curtain was removed to show a large bronze statue of a single man, holding a BR85 and directing a charge. At the bottom, there was a plaque.

    A lone man, who once had blond hair and had worked with Trident Company, stepped up. He scanned the plaque, looking for Sigma-Three. Once he found it he looked for one name, and found it. He read the inscription:

    LTJG Nathan Westbrook

    Detachment Commander of Sigma One – Fifteen

    Janurary 17, 2521 – May 3, 2553

    "It's not about honor or glory. It's ab…

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  • Lord of the STARS

    Somewhere deep in space, where most beings have never explored in 100000 years, orbiting a unnamed star, a planet is hear. This planet is 900000 miles larger then sangheilios, has 3 moons, 1 with 2 others orbiting it. The planet is barren, dusty, rusty, covered in rocks. Their is no atmosphear, water only, no life on the surface, no life under the surface, no air, no polar ice, no seas, no fossils, no singes civilization had ever been hear, no artifacts of any kind at all....

    Hour 0..... a fleet of ships arrive exiting slip space, following a map of the planet to coordenets they are sent to. In the dirt sand gravel and rocky terrain, a large vessel arrives, and fires a partial exeleration focuse beam, drilling a hole in the ground…

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  • Lord of the STARS

    Hello, my name is Kai, normally when I have nothing to do I draw pictures, and I am quite good at it, what I use to draw on technically isn't paper, its actually a type of cloth, its made of tougher stuff, folds like paper, it can be ripped the same way paper can, recycled the same way paper can, but all you got to do is wash it to soften it, and once its just moist, iron it to get it stiff again, only works when heat reacts to cold. Things I normally draw are things I have seen, vehicles I thought looked nice, weapons some times, what the natural beauty of a planet looked like, often before it ends up glassed, females of my species, so long as they don't actually exist, sometimes something as simple as a rock, or a piece of fruit, or a fi…

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  • Agent Locke


    "And there were how many in the patrol?"

    Locke fumed inside. This debrief on Tararis had taken him too long. None of it made sense. They had the helmet cam footage, they had the weapons and bodies ID'd(Storm Covenant, all of them). So why did they need him?

    "There was an Elite, two jackals, and a bunch of grunts."

    "Armed with?" The interrogator pressed on.

    "Plasma rifles for the grunts, the jackals had Beam rifles, and the Elite had a Storm rifle."

    "Not what any normal patrol would carry."

    "No sir." Locke detected a shift in the officer's behavior. Slight, but it was there.

    "We're giving you a team to investigate. Zeta-One, a Navy-Army mix. You and six others. All ODSTs, all super-cleared beyond doubt."

    Locke smiled.

    "So you want us to cou…

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  • Agent Locke



    "Yeah, ICE?"

    Locke shifted his rifle. It was an SRS99C-S5 AM, trued by more custom shops than anyone could count until it would shoot groups of 0.047 MOA, locked and loaded with four of the best match-grade Armor-Piercing, Integrated Thermobaric Explosive rounds that the handloaders at ONI could make. They put an overkill 110 grains of powder behind a 1196-grain bullet, designation M233 AP-ITE +P+, of which there was 341 grains of a specialized version of C7 that would spray out and ignite inside whatever it hit. It would leave the barrel with a little over 45000 foot-pounds of energy. At the estimated range of 3200 meters, and adding on the eighteen inches of suppressor, it would be a very long shot with the energy…

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  • Giraffe1111

    Better Combat

    June 15, 2015 by Giraffe1111

    Hiya all!  I just wanted to take the time to discuss combat in RPs.  So far, things have been pretty straight forward.  "Enemy appears">"Player kills enemy in some way."  Now, that's great and all, but it's a little repetitive.  No enemy stands a chance, none.  They might as well be friggin's steaks with targets on them!  Fresh meat.  And the players are a little OP because of it.  

    Bravo, for example, seems absoultely invincible.  Yes, they're our characters.  But that doesn't mean that nothing bad can ever happen to them.  They're not the best force ever.  If that's the basis of the story, it's terrible.  I thought we were passed the '80s.

    I'd like to suggest something else, "open-ended actions".  Basically, a player will do something to the en…

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  • Giraffe1111

    Just making this as a reminder of how long each of the "new bloods" that Bravo recieved on Reach lasted.  

    The Roster in the beginning:


    • Lt. Brian Hartley – Commander                                                              
    • LCpl. Garth Chyenka – Co-commander                                                        
    • Sgt. Philip “Pops” Wieman – Tactics


    • Cpl. Brad Michaels – Commander                                                                
    • Pfc. Arek “Marshmallows” Kaflinski – Close-Quarters Specialist                    
    • Pvt. Kevin “Cue ball” Cantwell – Rifleman                                                      
    • Pvt. Jack “the Ripper” Brace – Medical Assistance                            
    • Pvt. Antonio Razano – Communicat…

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  • Lord of the STARS

    I had promised that as soon as someone gets on chat who isn't me I will reward them for being the lucky first chat user! whoooohooooo congratulations coolbuddy!!!!!

    Its you! You are the one who came on! And so I write this blog to you to add to the bravo's adventure history records.

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  • S-D379

    So, for all who are reading this blog, April 21st is our 1 Year Anniversary Day (Hoooray !). This means that on April 21st, Bravo is going to become 1 year old. But, what are we gonna do on that day. We will celebrate (obviously), but is there anything in-RP to celebrate?

    Originally, I wrote this blog before, but due to Internet Problems , I couldnt't. I was originally thinking that on April 21st, we will finish the infamous Human-Covenant War. But, we have already done that (Oh god no!). So, what do we do now?

    I've got one nice idea. April 21st is the day on which Bravo will go back to its original mission, Operation: EUREKA. Until then, we could do some other Innie missions and go to any battle using HCW Era Weapons and Equipment. Thus, it…

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  • Giraffe1111

    For those who haven't noticed or simply haven't cared, I have been adding in some minor characters via the TacCom to create a more realistic scenario.  Yup that's right, the unneeded ramblings strike again!  In most of the recent member updates, from Ninth Battle onwards, a few ambiguous naval personnel have appeared, stating their minds in the "Notes" section.  

    No, these are not random names, nor are they one-offs or dead-on-arrival characters.  These are the members of a, so far unnamed, naval battle group, the very same battle group that holds possession of the Sword of Giants.  Previously lead by Baker, the ships of this grouping are currently in-station over Earth, defending against the Covenant dogma.  Because they might appear later…

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  • CT1303

    Hello, fellow Bravopedians! I'm making another blog to discuss the events of the Battle of Installation 04 in the Battle Series. I've been thinking about it lately, and probably the most NCF thing we have here is DAB's participation in the Battle of Installation 04. It's a well known fact in the Halo universe that John-117 was the only Spartan to take part in the battle (except for Linda, but she technically doesn't count) and, with Halo: The Flood, it's very obvious that Antonio Silva didn't meet a second Spartan in Alpha Base and that there was only one Spartan on the Pillar of Autumn.

    So, how are we going to solve this? Do you have any ideas? Do we retcon DAB's presence at Alpha Base, or do we even retcon his participation in the Battle o…

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  • CT1303

    Hello, fellow Bravopedians! Today I'm going to talk about the timeline of the events that took place between the First Battle of New Jerusalem and the Fall of Reach. Since the Condor used by Bravo was retconned and replaced with the prowler Shadow of Splendour, the slipspace jumps changed drastically. So, I've made a few retcons here and there, and changed the timeline a little bit, to clear up confusions.

    April 9, 2551: The First Battle of New Jerusalem ends. Bravo and the civilians leave the planet aboard the Requisition of Prosperity. The Prelude to Penance is left behind.

    May 15, 2551: The Requisition's slipspace drive fails, and the ship falls out of slipspace in interstellar space.

    June 19, 2551: The AI of the Requisition sends the Sword of Gian…

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  • Agent Locke

    Now, what with Awoken and Spartan Strike, I was thinking that maybe we could create a game for the Xbox, be it normal, 360, or One.

    Gameplay would be similar to that of Halo 3: ODST. The player would swap between different Task Forces, each with their own Player Character, for the missions.

    The TASKFORCE characters are as follows:

    TASKFORCE 253(LIMA): Private Pierre DuFont(MA5C, M6G)

    TASKFORCE 264(ECHO): Technical Sergeant David Westbrook(MA5C, M7)

    TASKFORCE 290(BRAVO): Corporal Bradley Michaels(BR55, M6G)

    TASKFORCE 297(ALPHA): Master Sergeant Franklin Griggs(MA5C, M6G)

    TASKFORCE 322(GOLF): First Lieutenant Simon Riley(M7S, M6C/S)

    TASKFORCE 374(FOXTROT): Senior Chief Petty Officer William Mitchell(M7S, M6C/S)

    TASKFORCE 396(HOTEL): Sergeant Gary Sim…

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  • Haloprov

    Hello there User! This blog is me talking about the reader's standpoint and the overall understanding on the rollplaying of the Bravo's Adventures Universe.

    Keep in mind that this is through a readers standpoint

    I've have seen your activities for awhile on the Recent Changes on Halo Nation whenever any of you would rollplaying (dat hard-core stalking). I've sometimes even browse through some of your threads and read up on your adventures. As this wikia came to life over a month ago, I could see myself getting caught in the same boat as I did when the Team Heretic Dinofox Wikia came about when it comes to the overall story. Early in THDF, I was a editor, like here, helping with wording, templates, and some general ideas. I used to even read up…

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  • Agent Locke


    February 1, 2015 by Agent Locke

    Before we do anything else, here.

    Now that we have that out of the way, We should probaby have a similar system here. 

    Thoughts? Concerns? Not even from the the dictat-I mean admins?

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  • Agent Locke

    Complaints Department

    February 1, 2015 by Agent Locke

    This is where you complaain to us. WARNING: TROLLS WILL BE ANALLY P)RBED BY PSYCOTIC GRUNTS.

    We only take real complaints, by the way, so saying you don't like the wiki theme is going to send you off this wiki.

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  • S-D379

    Rick Jones' Story

    January 26, 2015 by S-D379

    Hey guys. Another blog here. As the title tells, you may understand.

    Ricardo Jones, also known as Rick Jones was born in 2477. He was enlisted into the ORION Project. In 2552, he was asigned to Task Force Bravo.

    But the point is, what is his history. If he was born in 2477, he would be over 80 years by now. So, I was thinking he could be made a member of OPERATION:TREBUCHET and was on a frigate on a mission when the Ship's fuel was over and he went to Cryo-Sleep for maybe 40-45 years. The ship was found on Reach and then he woke up and boarded the PoA. Then he was during the Battle of Installation 04, though he wasn't with Bravo. He had heard of Bravo and wished of joining them, but he thought of joining after they get out of the Halo. Then …

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  • S-D379

    Welcome !!!

    January 12, 2015 by S-D379

    Welcome everyone ot the new wiki. This means we have our own webstie related entirely to Bravo's Adventures. No worries of the Halo Fanon admins. No worries of canon-inconststencies. Feel free to contribute. Mainly, thank Locke for making this wiki. Maybe what happens if a 343i member visits this wiki?

    Currently, we need to make articles fast. I have already made a dozen of them, & our deadline is Feb 7th. So start editing people.


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