This article is written from a real world, out-of-universe perspective.
Bravo Composition

An image showing multiple Task Force Bravo members, as well as numerous events, ships and structures from the Bravoverse.

The Bravoverse is an expansion upon the Halo universe, created by a group of roleplayers. If an item is not specifically mentioned, it most likely inherits its traits from the Halo universe. If you wish to contribute to the roleplay, and by extension the Bravo's Adventures Universe, go here.


The Bravoverse revolves around an ODST group called Task Force Bravo and their adventures during and after the Covenant War. They work alongside many other Task Forces and teams, such as the Black Seraphs. As of late 2553, Bravo consists mostly of normal ODSTs; exceptions are the SPARTAN-I named Richard Jones and a heretic Sangheili named Sasuun 'Grtam.

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