This page will hopefully answer any and all questions newcomers of this wiki may have.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Edit

Q1: What's this wiki about?

Ans: This wiki is about a roleplaying game set in the Halo universe, which focuses on an ODST group called Task Force Bravo. The users of this wiki started this roleplay series on Halo Nation called 'The Battle Series'.

Q2: Do I always have to roleplay as an ODST?

Ans: No, you can RP as any character you want as long as he/she is from the Halo universe. Keep in mind, however, that we aren't accepting any more Spartans as they create some inconsistencies.

Q3: How can I join?

Ans: Contact one of our Admins and message them on their wall. They will tell you everything you need to know, and direct you to the current roleplaying thread. Once there, you'll need to post a sheet about your character in this manner:

- Name:

- Age:

- Species:

- Affilation:

- Branch:

- Rank:

- Service Number (If applicable):

- Homeworld:

- Equipment:

- Bio:

- Notes (optional):

Q4: Is god-modding allowed?

Ans: Absolutely not. God-modding is simply not allowed. Be careful, as you may get banned for doing it.

Q6: What are the steps I must take to learn to roleplay properly?

Ans: Visit this page for more information on that subject.

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