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This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy article. It is not relevant to the current canon.

Charlie Platoon






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Lawson Simpkin


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Charlie Platoon was a platoon of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers from the 105th Shock Troops Division.


Fall of DaegoEdit

Main Article: Fall of Daego

When the Covenant attacked the planet Daego in late 2550, Charlie Platoon was tasked with the evacuation of a major city in proximity of the Covenant's landing zone. During this battle, Charlie Platoon utilized various UNSC Army weapons, such as the MA37 assault rifle and the M392 DMR, as they were working closely with Army personnel.

After getting a group of civilians to a safe landing zone, the members of Charlie Platoon deemed Daego lost, and decided to board the transport shuttle along with the civilians. However, as they were under fire from Covenant forces, they were forced to take off before one of their members, an ODST named Stephen Hartley, could get in. As the Covenant started glassing Daego, Hartley got out of the city and made his way to a safe underground bunker.

Daego InsertionsEdit

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The UNSC soon returned to Daego as part of the search for the Forerunner weapon known as the Casket. During this search, Stephen Hartley was found alive in a destroyed city by his brother, Brian Hartley. Brian Hartley then brought him to the UNSC Sword of Giants, which returned to Earth soon after.


Charlie Platoon had twenty members, and was led by First Lieutenant Lawson Simpkin.

  • 1stLt. Lawson Simpkin
  • SSgt. Blake Bloxam
  • Cpl. Ern Parish
  • Cpl. Orson Leonardson
  • LCpl. Alise Brewer
  • LCpl. Clive Simons
  • PFC Cortney Heath
  • PFC Chucho Alves
  • PFC Charley Castellano
  • Pvt. Jannette Michaelson
  • Pvt. Olga Pavlov
  • Pvt. Alpein Morris
  • Pvt. Marcelo Franco
  • Pvt. David Breckinridge
  • Pvt. Stephen Hartley
  • Pvt. Phillip Morse
  • Pvt. Amie Jakeman
  • Pvt. Kade Lee
  • Pvt. Nic Towner
  • Pvt. Truman Albertson