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1.21 billion

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The first search zone of Operation: EUREKA.

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Ah, Daego. Horrid place.
Captain James Croft, after Daego was partially glassed.

Daego was a UEG colony world in the Outer colonies.


Discovery and ColonisationEdit

Daego's existence was confirmed by Humanity in the mid-22nd century, by a satellite. The planet was terraformed by the UNSC in the late 25th century, and civilian colonisation was fully underway by 2490. Daego was seen more as a "generator" of the UNSC, in the manner that Reach was seen as a "powerhouse."

Covenant InvasionEdit

Main Article: Fall of Daego

In the December of 2550, a portion of the Covenant Fleet of Steadfast Guard exited Slipspace above Daego. The Daego Defense Fleet, commanded by Fleet Admiral Mark Ridley engaged the ships immediately, and they managed to destroy the leading ship, a CCS-class battlecruiser. However, the rest of the fleet, led by Fleet Master Tolo 'Zhekamee, in his CAS-class assault carrier, exited Slipspace shortly after, and destroyed Ridley's ship, before engaging and defeating the rest of Daego's fleet.

The planet was only partially glassed, but in doing so they caused several nuclear reactor breakdowns across the surface.

UNSC SearchEdit

Main Article: Daego Insertions

The UNSC would later return to the partially-glassed Daego, during the search for the mysterious Forerunner artefacts known as Caskets. The Daego Insertions were considered a complete failure, as the Caskets were nowhere to be found.

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