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Human-Covenant War


17 vessels


Covenant fleet


  • Attack
  • Ground support
  • Defense and quarantine


Tolo 'Zhekamee


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The Fleet of Steadfast Guard was a Covenant fleet led by Fleet Master Tolo 'Zhekamee. This fleet was solely responsible for the capture and partial glassing of the human world Daego. The fleet was later reorganized for the protection of the planet, during its "quarantine" from human forces.


Fall of DaegoEdit

Main Article: Fall of Daego

The Fleet of Steadfast Guard was one of the smaller fleets formed during the reorganization of the Covenant Navy by order of the High Prophets in 2535. It was one of a series of "All Purpose" offensive fleets that were created to find human worlds, destroy any resistance, and hold position until reinforcements arrived.

In 2550, the fleet happened upon the Alpha Procyon system, a system that had been assaulted by Covenant forces the previous year. The fleet soon found the planet Daego, and commenced its attack.

A small portion of the fleet exited slipspace just over the planet in a stunning surprise attack. The Daego Defense Fleet under command of Fleet Admiral Mark Ridley engaged the attackers, focusing on and successfully destroying a CCS-class battlecruiser that was leading the fleet. This was a small victory however, as soon after the rest of the fleet, led by Fleet Master 'Zhekamee in his assault carrier, arrived and destroyed the Admiral's Marathon-class heavy cruiser, the capital ship of the defence fleet.

Daego bombarded

The Fleet of Steadfast Guard glassing and bombarding Daego.

After destroying the UNSC ships in orbit, the fleet began to descend and deploy ground forces onto the world, destroying most of the human assets on the planet and beginning a search for Forerunner artefacts. The UNSC, however, retaliated with the Cole Protocol, preventing the fleet from retrieving any of the intelligence located on the planet. Enraged, 'Zhekamee ordered his fleet to destroy the planet, destroying the potential artefacts, but still "cleansing" the world of humans. Once the glassing was complete, most of the assault elements of the fleet returned to High Charity, while a portion of the fleet held position over the planet.

Daego InsertionsEdit

Main Article: Daego Insertions

The UNSC soon returned to the planet as part of the search for the Forerunner weapon known as the Casket. The remainder of the fleet was unsuccessful in interdicting the single frigate which slipped through their lines. The frigate dispatched multiple ground task forces in an attempt to find the Casket. The mission was unsuccessful, however, and the frigate was forced to retreat. It was pursued by the Corvette Unconquerable Will under the command of Ship Master 'Baketamee, igniting a violent space battle. The Corvette was eventually badly damaged and the frigate escaped the system.

Receiving ReinforcementsEdit

The fleet remained in position until further reinforcements arrived, forming a thick defense around Daego and preventing humanity from ever recapturing it.


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