Himmelen Sjargon, meaning "Himmelen Slang", is a language that developed on the colony world Himmelen V due to the influx of English, Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch immigrants. At its base, it is a simple corruption of Norwegian, with some borrowed and cognantic terms from the other languages.


Fijne Dag - "Fine Day" "Fijne" being a borrowed version of the Dutch "Fijne". Used as a formal greeting.

Hva skyer - "What's up" Friendy, informal greeting.

Majt - "Buddy", "Pal" Corruption of the English "Mate".

Du hab mejne Takke - "Thank you", literally "You have my thanks."

Takke: "Thanks", informal form of "Thank you"

Gladlig G'dan - "Gladly Done", formal "You're welcome"

Nuller- "Null, nothing" informal of "You're welcome"

? - Good night/Goodbye formal

? - Good night/Goodbye informal

?- Other phrases

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