Staff Sergeant Kenneth H. Conway is an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper in the UNSC Marine Corps. He is the Platoon Sergeant of Bravo Platoon of the 5th Shock Troops Battalion's 3rd Company. He is one of the unit's longest-serving members, having been part of Bravo Platoon since as early as 2533, eleven years before the Battle of Initiation.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Conway was born on March 16, 2513, in Circinius City, the capital of the Outer Colony of Circinius IV. His father had served in the UNSC Marine Corps, as had his grandfather. Though he had a rocky relationship with his father, his upbringing was nothing out of the ordinary, until the Covenant arrived on April 26, 2526. His family managed to evacuate the planet before the glassing began.

The Conway family spent the next few years travelling from planet to planet, until they finally arrived on the planet of Arcadia. Kenneth was nearing adulthood by now, and he showed prospects for an officer function in the Marine Corps, like his father wanted. However, when the time came, Conway went an entirely different direction, enlisting as a grunt in the Army to spite his father.

Military service Edit

Conway's time in boot camp was barely over when the Covenant appeared on Arcadia. Despite being a mere Private, he held himself bravely during the battle, and this was noticed by his superiors. As such, after the battle, he was given the opportunity to join the Army Pathfinders, a special forces division tasked with inserting ahead of the main force to set up drop zones and landing sites. He served with distinction and partook in several counterassault operations throughout the next two years.

By 2533, Conway had caught the attention of the ODST recruiters. While the ODSTs were not particularly more elite than the Pathfinders, they did see more combat action, which was the decisive factor for Conway to enter the ODSTs. Following the training, he was assigned to Bravo-1 of 3rd Company, 5th Shock Troops Battalion. He saw extensive action in Bravo Platoon, partaking in a large number of battles and campaigns, including the disastrous Haydrin Massacre.

Already a Corporal by the time he entered thanks to his impressive service record, Conway steadily continued to rise through the ranks over the years. Initially a rifleman, he soon became the Sergeant of 3rd Squad in 2536. By 2540, he had acquired the rank of Staff Sergeant, serving as the Platoon Sergeant of Bravo Platoon. Rumour had it that he was going to be promoted to Gunnery Sergeant following the Battle of Miridem, but that never happened considering the Covenant invaded Initiation by surprise, and nearly all of the 5th Battalion - including the command staff - was lost.

Personality and traits Edit

Conway is a short man, but he makes up for that with a loud mouth and a commanding personality. He inspires loyalty and awe in his subordinates.