Alright gentlemen, the Covenant want to glass Daego, and we're not letting them do that.
— Ridley, when the Fleet of Steadfast Guard arrived at Daego.

Fleet Admiral Mark Ridley was the commander of the Daego Defense Fleet and the UNSC Last Sunrise.


Fall of DaegoEdit

Main Article: Fall of Daego

On December 23, 2550, a portion of the Covenant Fleet of Steadfast Guard exited slipspace above Daego. Ridley, commanding the Daego Defense Fleet, managed to destroy the battlecruiser that was leading the portion of the Covenant fleet. However, the rest of the fleet, led by Fleet Master Tolo 'Zhekamee, in his CAS-class assault carrier, came out of slipspace shortly after, and a major battle ensued. During this engagement, 'Zhekamee's carrier rammed the Last Sunrise, destroying the ship and killing Ridley.

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