"I knew we shouldn't have let that kid join Bravo..." — Brad Michaels

This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy article. It is not relevant to the current canon.

Corporal Ray Sullivan was a UNSC Marine marksman who served alongside Task Force Bravo in 2551.


First Battle of New JerusalemEdit

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During the First Battle of New Jerusalem in April 2551, Sullivan's squad was sent to the city of Tzab Shveh to investigate Kig-Yar pirate activity. Immediately after they were deployed, a Covenant fleet exited slipspace over the planet and began attacking the city. Sullivan and Charles Taylor, being the only members of the squad who survived the opening stages of the battle, were forced to retreat to a nearby hotel where they held off multiple waves of Sangheili and Unggoy and Sullivan ran out of ammo from his sniper rifle. Fortunately for them, Task Force Bravo arrived shortly after and eliminated all Covenant forces.

Sullivan, Taylor, and Task Force Bravo then helped evacuate New Jerusalem in a stolen Covenant vessel, Requisition of Prosperity, and returned to Reach.

Skirmish for the RequisitonEdit

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Arriving at Reach, Sullivan, Taylor, and Task Force Bravo boarded the prowler Silent Blade and were sent to retrieve the Forerunner artefacts stored on the Requisition of Prosperity, which had come out of slipspace in interstellar space. When they arrived near the Requisition, they were attacked by a small Covenant fleet which had located the artefacts. While approaching the leading vessel, a Covenant supercruiser, the Silent Blade was cut in half by plasma weaponry and Taylor was killed. Sullivan and Bravo then left the aft section of the prowler in booster frames and entered the supercruiser's hangar. Once inside the ship, he paired with the leader of Bravo, First Lieutenant Brian Hartley, and was tasked with securing a Spirit dropship for their escape.

After securing the Spirit, Sullivan and Hartley waited for the rest of Bravo to plant explosives on the supercruiser's engines and return to them. However, while attempting to reach the Spirit, the team's SPARTAN-I was wounded and subsequently left behind, as the supercruiser was about to explode. Sullivan and Bravo regrouped with the UNSC Sixth Battle Group aboard the Spirit shortly after.

Mission to Cyrus VIIEdit

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Sullivan volunteered to go with Task Force Bravo to the planet of Cyrus VII to search for a dangerous Forerunner weapon known as the Casket. Shortly after arriving at the planet, the team was deployed to a jungle, where they were ambushed by two Type-47 Scarabs. Sullivan was immediately killed by the main cannon of one of the Scarabs.