Private First Class Seamus Greco was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper in the UNSC Marine Corps. He was one of the original members of Task Force Bravo.


Operation: EUREKAEdit

Main Article: Operation: EUREKA

In 2551, during the search for the Forerunner weapons known as Caskets, Seamus was assigned to the Sword of Giants as a member of the search party. He agreed, along with his squad mates, to travel to Daego, the third search-zone as suggested by Brian Hartley.

Daego InsertionsEdit

Main Article: Daego Insertions

For the initial assault on the planet, Seamus was assigned to Task Force Bravo on the group's "Team two" with Ashley Drago and Garth Chyenka. He was wounded almost on arrival, slowing the team's overall movement. When Drago was wounded as well, the team called for emergency evacuation. They returned to the Sword of Giants as part of the tactical withdrawal soon after.

New JerusalemEdit

Main Article: First Battle of New Jerusalem

Seamus was once again part of Task Force Bravo during the team's second engagement, the First Battle of New Jerusalem. However, he was killed towards the beginning of the battle when the force's Albatross dropship was shot down by Kig-Yar pirates.

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