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Task Force Golf, originally called Golf-322 and simply known as Golf, is a group of UNSC Marines organised by Captain James Croft for Operation: EUREKA.

Golf was first put into service during the Daego Insertions, where it received the brunt of the Covenant counter-attacks. They managed to hold their own against multiple armoured columns, but were eventually pulled out during the planet-wide tactical withdrawal.

The Task Force later participated in the Battle of New Jerusalem, as well as the Defence of Shanghai where it suffered heavy losses. It was later merged with Task Force Charlie and Task Force India, two other undermanned task forces, to become Joint Force India-Charlie-Golf. The joint force assisted Task Forces Hotel and Bravo in the Battle of the Rhine-Ruhr and the Raid on Sydney.

Golf, along with Charlie and India, was repopulated after the War.


In alphabetical order

Original (Daego Insertions - Battle of New Jerusalem)Edit

  • Anata Ajeet
  • Dominic Cantor
  • Gruffud Carson
  • Jorg Hubert
  • Arek Kaflinski
  • Daveth Margh
  • Kalani Moana
  • Simon Riley
  • Jordon Sawyer
  • Shane Talon
  • Katashi Yuta

Later Group (Defence of Shanghai)Edit

  • Reagan Albert
  • Marcello Alfeo
  • Dominic Cantor
  • William Halvard
  • Jorg Hubert
  • Fredrik Jonatan
  • Simon Riley
  • Shane Talon
  • Carey Vladien
  • Katashi Yuta
UNSC Task Forces from Operation: EUREKA
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