• The multiverse. An infinite collection of universes, each different in its own way. All independent from each other, unable to interact with each other.

    Until now.

    Through a peculiar anomaly in space and time, the universes of the Bravoverse collide. Soon, Task Force Bravo shall meet face to face with a rookie squad of Army Rangers, the Empire's Jedi hunting crew, the Colonial Marines, even the band of survivors of Sevastopol.

    What happens? Only time will tell...

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    • (Good, because many of our rps I am not compatible to join in text rp. Sadly including the battle sires adventures now.)

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    • (My God, this is interesting! All we need is a space-age Assassin Brotherhood, and I'm sure it's a hit (atleast I hope so). )

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    • June 2553

      UNSC Sword of Giants

      Orbit of unknown planet

      Croft: Bravo, we still don't have any idea what the hell is on that planet, but we suspect that it might be crawling with Covenant. Your mission is to investigate the surface and report back anything you see. Lieutenant, is everybody accounted for?

      Hartley: Yes, sir.

      Croft: Good. Gear up and get to the HEV bay, you'll drop in a few minutes.

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    • (Oh CB, if only we actually had a space-age Assassin RP. But we don't, so they won't be here.)

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    • 9 BBY

      Freighter Midnight Runner

      En route to unknown planet


      Krivur: Alright, we have finally managed to track him down. Jedi Master Tunlaan Ros has fled to a previously unknown planet in the Outer Rim. Why it is not mentioned on any star maps is unknown.

      Rust: Sir, I would like to note that Kamino was not listed on any star maps, either. Maybe someone erased it?

      Krivur: That's a possibility. But it is irrelevant. We have him now, gentlemen. This is his final hour. Varsin, take us there.

      The Midnight Runner accelerates, and shoots into hyperspace. After a couple of moments, it reappears in the planet's orbit.

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    • September 2182

      Conestoga-class frigate USS Almayer

      En route to unknown planet

      Tanner: LT, we're approaching the planet!

      Ellsworth: Brennan, Hamilton, start the dropship now! Privates, hold that door! Don't let those bugs in!

      The Almayer slowly enters the orbit of the unknown planet.

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    • March 2524

      UNSC Ticonderoga

      Arcadia orbit

      UNSC Ticonderoga speakers: 37th Airborne to the cryopods. Repeat, 37th Airborne to the cryopods. Preparing to enter slipstream space.

      Hawkins: That's our cue.

      The 37th leave their canteen tables and make their way to the cryochamber.

      Hawkins: Rangers, you should all know the mission, but here it is again: we are to make the first UNSC incursion onto a newly-reported planet in the Crux Majoris system. Home intelligence reports possible signs of life. Even if these are false, there's no doubt that the planet could become a UEG colony. Rangers, to the pods.

      The group of Rangers disperses, entering their cryopods.

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    • (This is a rp? hmm, thought it was a discussion. At least it being a multiverse makes it something I know how to rp in.)

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    • (Why would a discussion thread be on the Roleplay board?)

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    • (uh, roll play discussion? besides, I didn't check which board its on.)

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    • (So... You want to make Bravo into THDF?)

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    • (No. This is not like THDF. This is a non-canon RP that combines all of the RPs we've had on this wiki. THDF combines every universe.

      It's just a fun thing to do when we get bored.)

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    • (hopfully this means I don't have to rp singlehandedly when thels away anymore.)

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    • Bristow: Alright, let's go, then!

      Bristow heads over to the armoury, and picks up his trusty M45E.

      Bristow: Brace? Could you hand me a new helmet? I shattered my visor on the previous op.

      Bristow looks out of the window. In the distance, he spots a small ship, with features unknown to him.

      Bristow: Uh, Hartley? What's that?

      Krivur: Everyone, gear up. We are going down to the surface as soon as we can. No time to waste.

      Krivur looks out of a window. In the distance, he spots a large ship.

      Krivur: We aren't alone here. There is another ship over there. I don't recognise its features. Varsin, see if it matches anything in the databases.

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    • Hartley looks out the window.

      Hartley: No idea. It doesn't look Covenant. Maybe it's a new Innie ship.

      Michaels spots a large, frigate-like ship, and pulls out his binoculars.

      Michaels: There's another ship approaching from the right. Looks like some kind of modified frigate. I think it says "Almayer" on the side. Should we try to open a COMLINK with them?

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    • Bristow: I don't know, it looks too small to serve much purpose to the Innies.

      Kari: Another ship. Over there.

      Krivur: What is going on here? Why are there so many other ships in orbit of an uncharted planet?

      Suddenly, roughly on the other side of where the other two ships are, space ruptures apart in a blue flash, and yet another ship appears.

      Krivur: What in the name of the Emperor was that?

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    • Varsin: I've been from one side of the galaxy to the other.  I've seen some strange things, but nothing like that.

      Avi: It might be Hutt or Sullustan.  It matches the aesthetic.

      Varsin: No, too bulky.  

      Avi: Joraan?

      Ty: The computer's saying Kuat.

      Varsin: No, no, this is something different.  It's not the shape that bothers me.  The way they arrived, it was...unnatural.

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    • ReDquinox wrote:
      (Oh CB, if only we actually had a space-age Assassin RP. But we don't, so they won't be here.)

      (That ain't a prob, buddy. We can always create a new, dead thread with not even a single post and then we can incorporate the space-age Assassins here :P)

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    • (That's just cheating. If it worked like that, we could just create more dead RPs and this would become THDF, with new characters coming from any universe we wanted.)

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    • (I was joking.)

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    • ReDquinox
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      Disrupting the thread for no good reason
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    • Krivur: We need to investigate this. Set course to the most recent appearance.

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    • The Rangers start to wake up aboard the UNSC Ticonderoga. McCoy leaves his cryotube and approaches one of the windows whilst putting his shirt on. He spots a small ship approaching the Ticonderoga.

      McCoy: Uh, guys? We got an unknown ship heading this way.

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    • Meier: Another two over there! One of them seems to be UNSC.

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    • (This died pretty quickly...)

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    • (Wait, this thing was created and I didn't know about it? Awe nuts.)

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    • A FANDOM user
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