• M41 - Year Unknown - Date Unknown

    Incoming Distress Call:

    Dryxion System under attack. Invading force designated Xenos, Ork origin.

    Astra Militarium 247th Cadian regiment and 87th Catachan regiment engaged with Xenos forces. Colonies on Dryxion III and II has fallen to invading armada. Astra Militarium forces on retreat. Capital World Dryxion I and Forge World Dryxion V threatened.

    Response: Void Scythes Chapter 3rd and 5th companies deployed to Dryxion System for purging of invading Xenos.

    Character Template









    Well, here it is: the Warhammer 40k RP I have talked about for so long. 'Tis finally here. If any of you are interested, feel free to join.

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    • (A roster of Space Marine characters in the RP.)

      3rd Company Squads

      Command Squad

      • Captain Vikandrius
      • Apothecary Omniel
      • Champion Thogarius
      • Company Banner Bearer Bariel
      • Chaplain Silus

      Tactical Squad Anveon

      • Veteran Sergeant Anveon
      • Veteran Kalger
      • Veteran Zuriel
      • Veteran Hadriel
      • Veteran Nidor

      Tactical Squad Kregias

      • Sergeant Kregias
      • Brother Rynaen
      • Brother Regar
      • Brother Rubim
      • Brother Narois

      Assault Squad Gallus

      • Veteran Assault Sergeant Gallus Cronus
      • Brother Arteus
      • Brother Navis
      • Brother Jalak
      • Brother Marrum
      • Brother Havel
      • Brother Varum
      • Brother Sorum
      • Brother Noctis
      • Brother Arsel

      5th Company Squads

      Command Squad

      • Captain Alectus
      • Apothecary Edion
      • Company Banner Bearer Rerius
      • Champion Merius
      • Chaplain Thanatus

      Tactical Squad Cerviel 'Nihil Lances':

      • Veteran Sergeant Cerviel
      • Veteran Varion
      • Brother Galic
      • Brother Anvor
      • Brother Rahmiel

      Tactical Squad Murphiel

      • Sergeant Murphiel
      • Brother Cantius
      • Brother Nideon
      • Brother Araqiel
      • Brother Kyrio

      Assault Squad Andruil

      • Veteran Assault Sergeant Andruil
      • Brother Gadiel
      • Brother Simael
      • Brother Kalaziel
      • Brother Razael

      Assault Squad Calgaur

      • Assault Sergeant Calgaur
      • Brother Camiel
      • Brother Laexis
      • Brother Cysius
      • Brother Zophiel
      • Brother Vidual
      • Brother Verronos
      • Brother Telarion
      • Brother Agarius
      • Brother Vermacyra

      (To be further updated)

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    • (I'm definitely joining this, but I haven't yet mustered the knowledge necessary to participate.)

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    • Name: Vess Cerviel

      Race/Faction: Space Marines, Void Scythes, 5th Company, Tactical Squad Cerviel 'Nihil Lances'

      Gender: Male

      Appearance: Brown-red hair, green eyes, three service studs on forehead, scar on his chest going up to his neck

      Personality: Cerviel is quiet in most situations, although he is no stranger to doffing his helmet and rushing in with his Power Sword. He has a strong aim and stronger nerve, and will unquestioningly attack at his Captain's bidding.

      Wargear: Mark IV Pattern Bolter, Ingelldina Pattern Power Sword, Plasma Pistol

      Armour: Mark VII Aquila Power Armour

      Bio: Cerviel is a Veteran and the Sergeant of his squad. He has served in the Void Scythes for almost 400 years and in many campaigns into Ork-besieged colonies. Chief among these was WAAAGH! Skullblasta, an assault on Taurion II led by Big Mek Khagnukk Skullblasta. At that point, Cerviel had not even one service stud on his brow, and was part of Assault Squad Andruil.

      Skullblasta was believed to be commanding the Orks from a Gargant behind Ork lines, which was moving towards - and ultimately intending to push through - the Space Marine lines. Assault Squads Cerviel and Calgaur and Tactical Squad Murphiel was to land via Drop Pod on the Gargant, before a Techmarine used a Lascutter to gain entry. Squads Cerviel and Murphiel entered the Gargant, while Calgaur manoeuvred around it to the weapons systems, on which they planted Melta charges.

      Once inside the Gargant, the squads separated: Murphiel made its way to the engine room, where they planted remote charges, and Andruil began towards the control room. When they entered, the large numbers of Orks forced them into cover, although one member of Andruil Squad had already been killed by a Loota. When the Orks drew closer, Cerviel leapt over the cover with his Chainsword drawn and hacked through the Ork horde, coming to the dais where Skullblasta controlled the Gargant. He rushed up and severed the Mek's head from his body. By then, the rest of Andruil Squad had also risen to deal with the Ork menace, and it was Sergeant Andruil himself who killed Gargrim Meetgrinda, moments after he had struck down with his Choppa Cerviel, giving him his scar. Andruil Squad quickly left the control room, joining Calgaur and Murphiel on the roof of the Gargant. A Thunderhawk dropship touched down and flew the squads away as the explosives in the engines were detonated, debris showering over the Ork hordes.

      Cerviel, for his part in stopping the WAAAGH!, was advanced to the 1st Company, and left it a Veteran with three service studs on his brow, and became Sergeant of a Tactical Squad in the 5th Company.

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    • (Spess muhreens huh. While I kinda prefer typical human oriented 40k RPs, I cant exactly resist roleplaying the army I play on the tabletop. So, I can haz assault veteran sergeant Plz?)

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    • NegativeZero.0 wrote: (Spess muhreens huh. While I kinda prefer typical human oriented 40k RPs, I cant exactly resist roleplaying the army I play on the tabletop. So, I can haz assault veteran sergeant Plz?)

      (Yis, you can haz assault veteran sergeant.)

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    • (YAAAAY!)

      Name: Gallus Cronus

      Race/faction: Space Marines, Void Scythes, 3rd company, Assault Squad Gallus "Machine Breakers"

      Gender: Male

      Appearance: Short black hair, buzzcut, brown eyes, three service studs on his forehead marking his 353 years of service.

      Personality: Cool and focused in battle, Gallus holds the Codex Astartes in high reguard, but reconises that it does not hold the answer to every battle.

      Wargear:  Mars pattern Plasma pistol, chainsword, frag and krak grenades, combat shield, jumppack, bionic right arm.

      Armour: Mark VII Aquila pattern power armour

      Bio: Gallus Cronus is a Veteran sergeant of the assault squad known as the "Machine breakers". The squad earned their name during the siege of Parus V. When a Necron warcell of overlord Obeth slipped past the planetary defences of the forge world and fouled the Skitarii legions of the prime manufactorium with arcane overrides, the Void Scythes were deployed to break the siege.

      After the third company deployed via drop pod into the heart of the Necron lines, the angels of death quickly found themselves outnumbered and beset by a fresh wave of skeletal warriors. Acting on instinct, Gallus led his squad into the heart of the Necron advance, where they found a high cryptek and his bodyguard of immmortals. Striking with the fury of the emperor, squad Gallus tore into the immortals as their honured sergeant entered single combat with the undead technomancer. 

      Though the fell xenos set upon the sergeant with dread technology, and Gallus lost his right arm to the machinations of the cryptek, the emperor's grandson prevailed, and emptied his plasma pistol into the ancient machine until it overheated. Against this barrage of superheated fury even the cryptek's living metal form could not stand, and it melted and dissolved in a flash of blue and green.

      With the high cryptek vanquished, the foul overrides it had enacted upon the Skitarii were lifted, and the armies of the Omnissiah marched to war alongside the angels of death. And so was the siege of Parus V broken, and the day won for the Emperor. From that day forth, squad Gallus was gifted the title "Machine breakers", in remembrance of their heroic victory, and brother sergeant Gallus himself was gifted with a bionic arm of the highest grade from the greateful technomagi of Parus V, as well as the title of veteran for his act of unmatchable valour.

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    • (My char sheet compared to -Zero's; or, how to tell apart a noob from an experienced player.)

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    • (Welcome to Bravo, Zero. Now, as I'm sure you noticed, you and Inq are the only ones with any actual knowledge on WH40k. I've read up a bit, but so far my knowledge doesn't go anywhere past 31k.)

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    • Vessel Of War wrote:
      (My char sheet compared to -Zero's; or how to tell apart a noob from an experienced player.)

      (Or, how to tell a efficient and to-the-point player from one who has an affinity for walls of text and details most others consider pointless.)

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    • ReDquinox wrote:
      (Welcome to Bravo, Zero. Now, as I'm sure you noticed, you and Inq are the only ones with any actual knowledge on WH40k. I've read up a bit, but so far my knowledge doesn't go anywhere past 31k.)

      (The 40k wiki shall help you on your quest for knowlage. Best of luck ReD of the bravolands!)

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    • (If you guys invite Warboss to this I guarantee you he'll play a great Ork.)

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    • (Problem is, we kinda hate Warboss and we don't want him on Bravo.)

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    • (Why the hell do you hate Warboss?! Seriously, what has he done that's so bad?!)

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    • (Well, first off, he's always enforcing his own plans on everybody else, while he doesn't even inform us of said plans. Then there's the fact that he always seems to try to get out of nasty situations by pulling off ridiculous feats. Then there's his personality. He's a turncoat. Take, for instance, Sauron. He was always being cozy with Sauron, making secret plans no one knew of, etc etc. But when eventually other people started joining me in my crusade, he was the one who shouted "burn the heretic" the hardest.)

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    • (Let me just say that you have greatly misjudged him. While he does prefer to plan things out, he keeps his plans highly flexible and doesn't shoehorn other players into them; his plans only involve his characters and cool things that could happen.

      And he is no turncoat. He NEVER got cozy with Sauron. He complained to me almost every day since he joined about Saurons antics. Sauron came to him with a rough plan for something to tie up his shitty ass subplot. While warboss hated his guts as much as everyone else, he tried to help him to get his act together, which, of course, was in vain. They wern't "conspiring" or some shit, he was trying to do the same thing that I was: help Sauron. And we all know how that ended.

      So please reconsider your misplaced hatred of him. He's not an asshole or a railroader, just a lazy poster and a reasonable person.)

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    • (Have you followed the Cabal battles between Inq and Warboss? Everything had to go exactly how he planned it. Or when I was stopping his minions from blowing up the reactor? No, I couldn't just stop him and kill his minion, he had to do these things first. At the end of HoS, he even complained he hadn't been given enough attention, despite the fact that he only played a tertiary villain.)

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    • (He never really got time in the spotlight in HoS. Granted, this was partially because he didnt post often enough, but Inquisitor was also acting a tad OP, and stole his role. And I'm not saying that Inquisitor is bad, even he agreed that one fighter for one land tank was pretty broken.)

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    • (Wait, what reactor? The one in the land tank?)

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    • (Stole? Inq was there before Warboss.

      And I'm referring to the reactor of Patton's Ketch, which he tried to blow up with that Flint guy. Orkrim intercepted him, but he just had to do his thing, and made Flint die in some unnecessarily dramatic way, despite the fact that Orkrim blew him up with an Axion Bolt.)

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    • (Warboss's character's goal was to take revenge on the house of storms, while Inquisitor's character's goal was to hunt the guardians. In the end, Inquisitor's character ended up doing both.

      And Warboss disabled the ketch reguardless of your post because he didnt want Zippo to just say "And then my ketch shot the freighter, and ceres, and all the cultists. The end.")

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    • (It's called character flexibility. Tell me, if you're chasing someone down, but suddenly, someone far more dangerous attacks you, do you ignore that person or do you focus on not getting killed?

      He had already jammed the reactor before Orkrim even arrived.)

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    • (What you fail to understand is that this isn't just some RP wiki. We're a group of friends. We do everything here. We hang out on chat, RP, think of new ideas for RPs, or just share images and videos we like. As you might understand, you don't want to share those things with people we don't like, regardless of how their attitude towards Sauron was.)

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    • NegativeZero.0 wrote: He complained to me almost every day since he joined about Saurons antics.

      (Wait, do you know him outside of Wikia?)

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    • ReDquinox wrote:

      NegativeZero.0 wrote: He complained to me almost every day since he joined about Saurons antics.

      (Wait, do you know him outside of Wikia?)

      (He's not just some random I buddied up with on Wikia. He's my friend. IRL. He lives across the street from me and we hang out almost every day. I invited him to HoS because he enjoys roleplaying as much as I do. He didnt want to play a protaginst, so I helped him brainstorm his character. He wanted to think of cool things that could happen, so we came up with the ketch crashing. And he bitched and complained about Sauron's bullshit just as much as you for months on end.

      Look, I am well aware that Bravo is a group of friends, not just randoms. And I can respect that you guys dont want to include Warboss in the happenings of your wiki, that's your choice. But please don't hate him and associate him with Sauron, whose very presence is an insult. He really is a nice guy and a respectable player, not a turncoat or a control freak.)

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    • (Sorry, but in our experience, he really is a control freak. You can't expect us to not judge him by our own experience. That's like saying "yeah, Sauron might look like the worst Wikia user you have ever seen in your life, but you can't judge him on what you've seen in all those months. He's really a nice guy and he tries hard to write good posts."

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    • (Again, please stop comparing him to Sauron. That guy's a complete asshole who's earned nothing but my hatred. I'm fine with you not wanting to include Warboss in your RPs and such, but please stop equating the two. That's all I ask.)

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    • (I'm not comparing him to Sauron, I'm comparing two statements.

      -"You can't judge Sauron as the worst Wikia user ever"

      -"You can't judge Warboss as a control freak and turncoat")

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    • (Fine. The only reason that I continued this argument is because you insulted my friend. I've made my case as to his innocence, and its your choice to believe it or not. As of now I'm done arguing about this.)

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    • (My character card. It lacks a bio right now, but he's the Techmarine that helped Cerviel get into the Gargant and sabotaged it.)

      - Name: Titus Vorenus

      - Race/Faction: Human - Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanicus (Techmarine) - Void Scythes Chapter, 5th Company

      - Gender: Male

      - Wargear: Servo-harness (with two Servo-arms, one Utility Mechadendrite, a Fyceline Torch, a Plasma Cutter and an Optical Mechadendrite), Bolter, Gun-skull (Plasma Pistol)

      - Armour: Artificer Power Armour

      - Bio:

      - Notes (optional): Armour

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    • As the Drop Pods raced through the air, cutting lines of fire through the twilight sky, the vox-distorted voice of Captain Alectus was heard inside the helmets of the 5th Company Squads.

      "One minute until impact!"

      The purple and orange vessels heralded the coming of the Emperor's sons, His Angels of Death.

      "40 seconds until impact!"

      The pods continued their descent, while the battle between the Death Korps 12th Infantry regiment and the Orks of the Steeljaw Klan raged on.

      "20 seconds until impact!"

      Sporadic explosions erupted around the Drop Pods, the Orks' artillery directed at them.

      "10 seconds until impact! May you channel His holy wrath, Space Marines!"

      The Drop Pods struck down in the middle of the battlefield on the grassy plains, between the giant Imperial city and the mechanized Ork horde charging towards it. With a loud hiss, the hatches dropped, and through them the Angels of Death came and rained fury on the greenskin warhorde.

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    • Cerviel rushed from the Drop Pod with Rahmiel - as ever, he was quick out of the Pod - by his side. He paid little attention to the landscape and focused on the hordes of Orks pouring over a low ridge, and brought his Bolter up, laying waste with each crack of the gun to the marauding Xenos. In his periphery he noticed Galic, Anvor and Varion around him, all of whom were firing carelessly at the Ork with no heed to accuracy, such were their foe's numbers.

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    • Even as the bodies of the Orks began to form piles infront of the steadfast Space Marine line, the greenskin tide did not cease. Dropships landed and released the warriors inside, and armoured buggies and wartrukks dropped off their deadly cargo, all while more of the Xenos were cut down. No matter how many of the Orks the 5th Company slaughtered, they did not stop coming.

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    • Titus Vorenus stepped out of the drop pod, his Servo-skull hovering by his side. He took a moment breathe in, but was interrupted when an Ork Boy charged him. Using his right Servo-arm, he grabbed the Ork by its head and crushed it, before tossing the corpse to the side. He shouldered his Bolter, shooting another in the torso. Meanwhile, his Servo-skull used its chin-mounted Plasma Pistol to cut down a couple of Xenos.

      As the onslaught continued, the Techmarine slowly made his way to Cerviel, eventually ending up standing next to him.

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    • As Cerviel sunk the blade of his Power Sword into an Ork, he noticed a lessening in the Orks coming from the ridge. Too wary to believe it to be a sign of victory, he heedfully stopped and stared thither. Sure enough, the Ork hordes were not defeated, but bolstered by the arrival of half a dozen Killa Kanz and a Deff Dread, who came lumbering over ridge.

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    • "Space 'umies!"

      A giant Ork Nob, easily twice the size of his brethren and wielding a pair of chainaxes, came into view at the side of the Deff Dread.

      "Youz tryin' to ruin our fun? Tryin' to ruin our lootin' of dat city? I'll show youz fer dat!"

      The Nob let out a fierce warcry and charged down the ridge alongside the Killa Kanz.

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    • Far above the entrenched lines of the Kriegers, the onrushing tide of the Orks, and the stoic defence of the newly arrived Void scythes of the 5th company, A thunderhawk gunship flew swiftly through wartorn skies, decending to drop height too deliver its cargo. As the Wrath of Archalis decended amongst a few of its sister gunships, the assault squad within its armoured belly made ready their final preperations.

      The stoic voice of brother captain Vikandrius of the 3rd company, slightly distorted by vox static, crackled over the comms.

      "Brother sergeant Gallus?"

      Halting his pre-battle wargear check for a moment, Brother sergeant Gallus raised a hand to his helm, and activated his vox bead.

      "Yes brother captain."

      "You will be deploying to the left flank of the 5th compnay's drop zone, in an overrun trenchwork. Your objective is to sight and smite an Ork "nob" who reportedly lead the breakthrough charge. Upon completion, you shall rally with the 5th company and recive further orders."

      "Understood brother captain, his will be done."

      "His blessing upon you."

      Letting his hand fall from the side of his helm, veteran sergeant Gallus Cronus swept his gaze over the nine battle brothers he commanded. Brother Arteus stood resolute, having already completed his pre-battle wargear check. Brothers Navis, Jalak, and Marrum were completing their checks now. Brothers Havel, Varum, Sorum, and Noctis were still in the middle stages of their checks. And brother Arsel stood apart from the other groups, silently wispering a prayer to the Omnissiah as he secured a fuel tank to his flamer.

      Arteus was a newer addition to the squad, while only 73, the young space marine was steadfastly loyal to the chapter and to the Emperor. Navis, Jalak, and Marrum got along well, despite originating from a civilized world, a feral world, and an agri world respectively. Havel, Varum, Sorum, and Noctis had been in the squad the longest, and were among his most trusted battle brothers. And Arsel was in the squad for only a short while longer, being a techmarine-in-training, he would soon be shipped off to mars to be indoctronated into the the mysterious cult of the machine.

      Gallus turned his gaze from his brothers and to his own wargear. His chainsword was freshly oiled, and revved agressively with even a light depression of the trigger. His Mars pattern plasma pistol glowed a light blue in the dim lighting of the troop bay. Mindful of the weapon's tempremental machine spirit, the sergeant uttered a short prayer of function, in hopes of pleasing it. Gallus then pressed a button and activated his combat shield, a small buckler attached to the vambrace of his left guantlet, sheathed in a light energy field of ancient design. Perhaps most importantly, the sergeant checked the functoinality of his right arm, its masterfully crafted cybernetics clicking and whirring as he moved it. After finding no problems with his grenades, jumppack, or armour, Gallus sheathed his weapons and turned to face his squad, who had also finished their checks.

      "Wargear checks sucessful brothers?"

      "Yes brother sergeant!" They answered in unision.

      Gallus nodded, as the intercomm crackled with static.

      "Approaching dropzone brothers."

      Turning around, the veteran sergeant paced to the drpoship's assault ramp, and pulled down on the release lever as the interrior light turned green. Facing the howeling wind, with his squad formed up behind him, Gallus uttered one last phrase before his squad dropped into the malestrom of battle.

      "Machine breakers! To war!"

      And with that, Squad Gallus leaped from the dropship, plummeting face-first towards the battle below.

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    • "Assault Squad Gallus," Vorenus notified Cerviel, even as he used his Plasma Cutter Mechadendrite to severe an Ork's chest from its abdomen. "Above us."

      More and more Orks rushed in, and more and more fell to the ground. Some of them hit the ground with a Bolter round in their chest or head, others with missing limbs, yet others on fire. It scared none of them, however, instead only bolstering their bloodlust.

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    • Cerviel cast a quick glance skyward as the dropship passed, before turning his gaze ahead on the Killa Kan rushing down the ridge. From some way behind him he could hear the pulse of Brother Vaehort's Plasma Cannon, as the Dreadnought devastated the Ork lines. The weapon turned on the Killa Kan and within seconds the torrent of plasma reduced the ramshackle contraption to shreds of molten metal and flames.

      Cerviel could tell that the Gretchin pilots of the other Killa Kans were on the edge of fleeing, and one made to so and would have had it not been for the Deff Dread at the top of the ridge, which undoubtedly would have destroyed it in its retreat.

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    • A trio of Orks tried to tackle Vorenus, but he used his Servo arms to pick up the two on the sides and toss them back the way they came from, while he simply kicked the middle one in the chest, sending him flying. As the three got up again, the Mechadendrite sporting the Fyceline torch uncurled from Vorenus's back. With a roaring sound, it spouted flames at the three Orks, setting them ablaze and lighting up the sky. The Greenskins screamed as they succumbed to the flames.

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    • Backwash rushed forth as squad Gallus came to a sudden halt upon the battlefield, the assault marines activating their jumppacks at the final moment, touching down amongst the overran trenchworks to the 5th company's left in a wreath of flame. Immedately assesing the situation around his squad, Veteran sergeant Gallus swept the trenches with his analyzing gaze.

      The network of defences were filled with the blood and bodies of dead kriegers, and the howling greenskins who had put them down. The trenches stretched around the machine breakers like the crisscrossing web of a vorthan tree spider, while ahead, a gutted bunker stood bewteen the emperor's grandsons and their target: A towering ork nob weilding a pair of crude chainaxes and bellowing like a stuck grox as he charged down the hill with a mob of lesser greenskins toward the 5th company's deployment zone.

      "Target sighted! Forth brothers, close the distance!"

      Activating their jumppacks in unision, the machine breakers bounded ahead over a pair of intervening trenches, raining fire as they landed. Taking aim whilst still in flight, sergeant Gallus blew the head off an ork boy with his plasma pistol, the flameing, headless corpse piching backwards into the trench from which it was crawling. Around him, his squad did the same, holding back the orks with percice bolt pistol shots. Brother Arsel steadied himself upon landing, and sprayed his flamer into the trench at his feet, a swath of xenos howling and flailing in pain as they ran into others, spreading the holy promethium throughout the packed trench. Gallus stepped forward and swung his chainsword horisontaly, knocking the crude axe from the hands of the ork that stood in his way. This was followed by a blast from his plasma pistol, leaving the alien with a gaping, flaming hole in its chest as the sergeant and his squad bounded on, narrowly avoiding the swarm of orks pouring out of the trenches where they were but a moment before.

      Landing atop what remained of the roof of the bunker, squad Gallus was givin breif reprive from the greenskins thet assailed them, and a clear view of their target. The bellowing nob was now near the bottom of the hill, and still bolting full speed with its comrades towards the 5th company, oblivious to its impending death.

      "Machine breakers, forward! Purge this xenos filth from the emperor's domain!"

      With that, the astartes bounded forth on winges of fire, to slay the foe before it reached the lines of their bretheren.

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    • One of the Killa Kans broke off from the rest of the group, charging towards the newly-arrived Machine Breakers, flame spewing from its right arm, its left a drawn-back drill ready to strike.

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    • Big Mek Snazzgob was bored. So bored that he would probably try to stomp the first gretchin that came through the door just for laughs. His Battlewagon had run out of fuel in the beginning of the assault and had to be pulled out by Trukks. His Morkanaut had then broke down as it was about to break through the defences of the Kriegers, due to a stupid Ork that got stuck in the gears in the knee of the war machine. Bommajets had to pull the mech out of danger. And on top of the mishaps earlier, the Space Marines had arrived and started to ruin their fun. Things were not looking good for Snazzgob. His Warlord would probably rip him to pieces for this. The large Mekboy sighed. A gretchin ran into the room, a piece of paper in its hand. Snazzgob stomped it into a gory mess. He then read the paper. A smile started to form on his lips. His Battlewagon was refueled. And his Killa Kan squad was breaking through the lines again. Perhaps something good could be salvaged from this lousy day, Snazzgob thought. He quickly grabbed his finest Shoota and mounted the giant Battlewagon, together with the Nobz that made his bodyguard.

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    • Vorenus, now free from opponents for a moment, focused his attention to the incoming Killa Kanz. He sought one out, and started moving towards his prey. The Killa Kan opened fire with its machine gun, but the Techmarine ducked under the stream of bullets, and used his left Servo-arm to push the gun to the side. In retaliation, the Grot tried to drive the walker's drill-arm into Vorenus's side, but it was caught by his other Servo-arm, locking the two figters into a deadly stalemate.

      However, Vorenus had more than two arms. His Plasma Cutter Mechadendrite shot forward, cutting open the steel and revealing the Grot inside, who shrieked in panic. There was no mercy for him, however, as Vorenus pulled him out of his seat and crushed his skull under his boot.

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    • As a killa kan clanked its way in front of squad Gallus, spraying black, oily flame wildly in front of it, the sergeant prepared to meet this foe as he landed.

      Upon touching the ground, Gallus bolted forward into the wall of fire sprayed forth by the burna mounted on the walker's right arm. Though he felt the searing heat of the flames through his armour, the layered cerimite plate was famous for its resistance to heat, and the flames brought no harm upon the veteran. Darting forwards, the marine ducked under a clumsy thrust from the kan's drill arm, and swung up with his chainsword, severing an exposed bundle of cables under the arm. Gallus's armour was splattered with dark oil from the kan's crippled arm as he turned around behind the ork vehicle.

      Taking aim with his plasma pistol, the sergeant loosed two shots into the back of the xenos walker. The first found its mark and detonated the fuel tank on the burna, searing that side of the kan and rendering its other weapon useless. The second slammed into the back of one of its flimsy knee joints, striking with the fury of a minature sun, and melting the leg in two. This sudden loss of support sent the walker carrening backwards onto its back, at which point the veteran unceremoniously dropped a frag grenade into the vehicle's vision slit and led his squad onwards, as the kan suddenly stopped trying to get up with a muffled *bang*.

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    • Two more Killa Kans charged at the Machine Breakers, a score of Greenskins alongside them. Both of the clanking walkers sported claws on their left arm, whereas the foremost had on its right a Big Shoota, while the Rokkit Launcha of the other was held forward, ready to fire.

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    • (Reviving time)


      The roar echoed out across the battlefield. Charging through the mechanized warhorde was a gigantic Battlewagon, size unmatched by anything in the Orks' armada of vehicles. The warcries of Big Mek Snazzgob was being blasted out by a collection of large speakers on the back of the huge warmachine, the shouts accompanied by a Rokk Boy strapped infront of the speakers, wildly playing on his guitar which was combined with a flamer. The machine itself was armed with a wide number of weapons, ranging from spiked wreckingballs to huge cannon turrets. And all over the rig there were Orks crawling around, operating smaller gun turrets and performing repairs even as the metal beast charged through the advancing line of Orks. Within moments, the warmachine had ran through the Ork horde and opened fire on the Space Marine line. Several Battle-brothers fell to the barrage, as the giant vehicle drove back and forth, searching for a weakness in the defence line.

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    • Vorenus: Vess, we need heavy weapons for this! Our own weapons will never penetrate the armour on it.

      As if to prove his point, he fires a couple of Bolter rounds at the machine. They all bounce off as if they're toys.

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    • Cerviel sinks his Power Sword into the torso of an Ork before kicking his body aside. He turns to face the Ork tank charging along the battlefield, and considers ordering Galic to fire a beam from his Multi-Melta at it, but decides against it: it was out of range, and too strong for even the powerful Melta. Looking around the battlefield, he sees even Brother Vaehort retreating slightly.

      Cerviel: Titus, you have your Optical Mechadendrite. Tell me, where is that beast weak at?

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    • The machine breakers stopped short at the sight of another two ork walkers waddeling their way towards them. Their sergeant assesed that they could not afford further delays. Signaling for his squad to halt, Gallus activated his combead.

      "This is brother sergeant Gallus of the third company calling for immedaite air support."

      After a second of crackeling static, the the voice of a pilot answered.

      "Stormtalon Fury of Amaris stands ready to support you brother."

      As the techmarine spoke, a stormtalon gunship in the colors of the void scythes swooped down from the skies and rained fire upon the kans as it passed. The gunship's twin-linked assault cannons and skyhammer missile pods tore the first can asunder with a series of explosions, and left the other riddled with holes as it slumped over, it's pilot coating the insides of it's metal body. As soon as the stormtalon finished it's pass, however, it's pilot was swept back into the duel for the skies, leaving squad Gallus a clear path to their target.

      But even as Sergeant Gallus made to order his squad to move out, the Nob they had been closing on and his mob of boys were crushed uncaringly by the tread of a massive ork battlefortress that rolled over the hill.

      "Target updated, brothers. Prepare to board that abomination!"

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    • A mechanical appendage extends from Titus' back. It aims at the massive Battlewagon and inspects it for a moment, before rectracting again.

      Titus: Its axles appear to be very fragile, Brother Vess.

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    • Cerviel is about to say something, but is interrupted by the nearby blast of the Battlewagon's Killkannon. Earth and Ork corpses are flung into the air, and Cerviel, aware of his visibility to the Battlewagon, leaps into a trench to take cover. The rest of the squad follows suit, and all are within the trench by the time the dust and smoke settles.

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