Mission Log

    Date: 6th December, 2553

    Location: Silence, Geradel System

    Force: Task Force Bravo

    Primary Objective: Take Back the UNSC Illustrious

    Sit-Rep: During the fighting on the surface of Silence, a large portion of the Silence Rebellion launched an assault on Admiral Chetner's Marathon-class cruiser, the UNSC Illustrious. Although there are still a few pockets of UNSC resistance left throughout the ship, the Insurrectionists have acquired control of the vessel.

    Task Force Bravo was deployed to the cruiser soon after the takeover, and cleared out one of the hangars. Chyenka, Lindberg and Kaflinski are currently separated from the main force, and have found a group of civilians who claim to be university scientists, while the rest of Bravo was successful in rescuing a crewman and capturing an Insurrectionist. Their mission now is to regain control of the ship.



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    • Before the corpse has hit the ground, Chyenka turns from the corner. The Innnie has thrown down his DMR to pick up a fallen shotgun. He scrambles for it when he notices the ODST, who fires twice into his chest. The Innie slumps over and Chyenka looks up and down the corridor.

      Chyenka: That's the last one.

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    • Kaflinski is about to step out of the room when the sound of somebody crying grabs his attention. He looks back, only to see one of the scientists on his knees; in front of him is the lifeless body of the youngest member of the team, his lab coat covered in blood. On the locker beside them, Kaflinski spots a trio of bullet holes: the assault rifles shots that had missed him from earlier.

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    • Chyenka steps inside the room, sounding exasperated.

      Chyenka: Are you coming or--

      He notices the two scientists and softens his tone.

      Chyenka: Doctor?

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    • A dissapointed Beck puts his grenade back in its pouch.  

      Brace: Better luck next time, kid?

      Beck: I have never, in my life, had the chance to make use a single fucking grenade.

      Carpenter: That's super pathetic.

      Beck: Single fucking one!  

      Brace: It sort of is, right?

      Beck: Never!  Not once!

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    • (When did you guys say you were starting a new thread?)

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    • (When the previous one ran out of posts)

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    • (I see. Thank you.)

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    • (Kind of a pointless question, don't you think?)

      The scientist looks up at Chyenka, tears running down his face.

      Scientist: He... He was my brother... Oh, god... I don't think I can do this...

      Kaflinski stares at the civilians with indifference, then walks out of the room to pick up equipment from the bodies in the corridor.

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    • Chyenka depolarises his visor and looks the scientist in the eyes.

      Chyenka: The lift is right there. If you can just make it there, this'll all be over - you'll all be out of here.

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    • The man looks down at his brother again, then nods slowly. Goldstein helps him pick up the body, and the two carry the dead scientist towards the door. In the corridor, Kaflinski has lifted the previously unconscious Innie, and is punching him repeatedly, severely bruising his face. He stops for a moment, grabbing the rebel by the throat, then looks back at Chyenka.

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    • Chyenka meets his gaze.

      Chyenka: Bring him with us, Private, and I'll tell the brig that the two of you engaged in CQC. Understand?

      Polarising his visor, he turns quickly and follows the others towards the elevator.

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    • Kaflinski stares for a few moments at the Innie, who looks like he is about to faint. Grabbing him by the arm, the ODST pushes him onto the elevator.

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    • Chyenka (COM): We're on our way up, LT.  One of the scientists didn't make it. But they're definitely not Innies, I can say that much.

      The door slides shut and the elevator begins to rise.

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    • Hartley and Michaels stand next to the door as the lift arrives. As it slides open, Hartley glances at the scientists, before turning to Chyenka.

      Hartley: Well? How do you know they're not Innies?

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    • Chyenka: See that man? He says his brother just died. Either they're telling the truth, or the Insurrection is hiring actors.

      Michaels: Even Innies have brothers.

      Chyenka: Put them under surveillance if you like. But they could have killed each of us back then.

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    • Hartley: I doubt that, what with their lack of weaponry and Kaflinski being around. Besides, we did see some scientists back in their base. Who's to say they didn't bring some with them to help with the ship systems?

      Hartley gestures to the dead scientist being carried by the others.

      Hartley: How'd he die? Was it obvious they intended to kill him?

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    • Michaels nodded in response to Hartley.

      Michaels: Unless we can get proof they're friendly, I suggest we treat them no different to our Innie friend over here.

      He motioned to the gagged Innie captured by Leon, Matt and Mandlebaum.

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    • Kaflinksi: Here's a friend for him.

      He pushes the Innie forward and is about to kick him before Chyenka grabs his shoulder.

      Chyenka: Private.

      He turns back to Hartley.

      Chyenka: No, sir. It was an accident; they were aiming for Lindberg.

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    • Hartley: Well, that doesn't tell us much.

      Hartley nods at Michaels, who begins tying the scientists' hands.

      Scientist: Wait, I... I can't leave my brother...

      Hartley: His body'll stay here, you'll get him when this is over. Alright, let's get moving. Beck's team is just up ahead.

      The ODSTs and their prisoners walk down the corridor.

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    • Chyenka (COM): Sasuun, how's everything on your side?

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    • Sasuun (COM): Perhaps you should reconsider your words, friend.

      Beck's team rounds yet another corner, coming to Hartley's group's hallway.

      Sasuun: For it appears our sides are shared.

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    • The Innie with the bruised face stares at Sasuun with his open eye and chuckles.

      Innie: Look at that... A split-jaw... You retards are working with a fucking split-jaw... When he finally guts all of you, don't say I didn't warn you...

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    • Chyenka: Don't make me regret what I told Kaflinski.

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    • The Innie glares at Chyenka, before being pushed forward by Michaels.

      Hartley: Cover that guy's mouth too.

      As the soldiers walk, Hartley glances at Goldstein.

      Hartley: So, doctor, you said you boarded the ship to get a look at some blueprints?

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    • (Inq?)

      The scientist appears to have missed the question.

      Beck: Hey, Doctor. You deaf or some shit?

      Goldstein: Sorry?

      Beck: For what, what are you hiding?

      Goldstein: No, I didn't hear the-

      Beck: I said: what are you fucking hiding?

      Goldstein: I'm not certain I'm completely-

      Beck: Yeah, see, I don't give a fuck who you are.

      Goldstein: ...with you.

      Beck: I don't give a fuck what you are. No, you see-

      Carpenter: Beck, come on.

      Beck: No. No, you see, Doctor, lemme tell you a story. Alright?

      Carpenter: Come on, man.

      Beck: Lemme tell you a fucking story. Alright? Alright, Doctor, alright? You hear me?

      He lightly knocks the captive around the face with a gloved fist.

      Beck: Alright? Okay? Alright, doc, you heard? Did you hear?

      Goldstein: Yes, yes, I hear. Tell your story.

      Beck: What was that?

      Goldstein: Just tell your story, out with it.

      Beck: You hear this, man? This pretensions fuckhole in a pharmacist jacket thinking he can give me orders, man? What a fucking piece of work, this one. What a piece of work, man. Story's off. (Shouting) Kaflinski? Kaflinsk, get over here!

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    • A few of the ODSTs around Beck smile, though the ones with unpolarised visors look away from Chyenka. Kaflinksi doesn't respond to Beck and keeps walking, staring ahead.

      Michaels: Well, doctor?

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    • Phillipae stared out into space standing one the crowded hangar deck of the Zealous Fury. Major Nevor approached him with a data pad in hand. 

      "Commander, it appears that Task Force Bravo is currently engaged with retaking a UNSC vessel that was captured by human rebels. Shall we assist them?"

      "Not at this time Major. Bravo are excellent warriors. They will not be requiring our assistance. They have their mission and we have ours."

      "Do you not wish to make contact with them at least Commander?" 

      "For the time being no. Doing so may very well give away our presense in this system. I don't want to scare Zev'arin away. If it will help us capture Zev'arin then I will consider involving the UNSC but not until we have a better grasp of the situation. We have to be careful Major. You may recall that the Arbiter authorized us to make public our cooprative efforts with UNSC forces on numerous occasions. That iniative was intended to promote a spirit of peace and alliance between the Sangheili people and humanity. It backfired magnificantly. The Swords are under increasing political pressure back home. The Arbiter is routenely accused of being a traitor. Some even fault him for assassinating the Prophet of Truth. If we work with the UNSC again, we must be very discrete." 

      "Understood Commander," Nevor turned to leave. 

      "Major, how is your daughter doing?"

      Nevor was very surprised. "I--"

      "Don't deny it Major. I know you know. Honestly, I would encourage it if our traditions weren't so ironclad."

      "She is doing well Major. She has expressed an interest in learning to be an engineer even. Years ago I would have found such ambitions disappointing but I'm starting realize just how essential it is that we diversify our skill set as a people."

      "Yes. The ultimate form of control the san'shyuum exerted over us was to separate us into individual catagories and make us incapable of operating without the other facilities of the Covenant. It is good your daughter wishes to pursue this. That is all Major." 

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    • As those around Beck smiled, Matt just stared on, frowning beneath the safety of his polarised visor. He'd advocated for caution, yes, but he felt they were just being dicks, nomatter whether these 'scientists' were genuine or not...

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    • (Inq, Sean, you were the ones who introduced the scientists and came up with the blueprints thing, so do something.)

      Hartley decides to let it slide, knowing that it's just typical ODST attitude and that, given his reaction to the question, Goldstein could very likely turn out to be an Innie.

      Hartley: Doctor, we asked you a question.

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    • (Inq kudosed your thing, CT. I guess this means it's my job. *sigh*)

      Goldstein: It was a new generator, I think.

      Beck: Oh, you think?

      Goldstein: Know. It was a generator, a mobile for one, for logistics divisions.

      Beck: Pardon me, he knows.

      Brace: Engineering, huh?

      Goldstein: You could call it that. In-House We like to use "exodology".

      The two meet eye to eye. Brace stares, engaged, as the final term resonates within a pool of connected memories. The scientist looks meekly back, as if he knows exactly what the ODST is deducing. He seems to have slipped.


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    • At the head of Bravo, Fitzgerald and Philips enter a still corridor, look for a few seconds and report it clear. After a few steps, the passage is lit up and bullets hit the door, as Philips falls backwards and Fitzgerald ducks behind a crate, clutching his side. At the far end of the corridor, machine gun barrels are barely visible above crates.

      (We're not going anywhere specific at the moment, are we?)

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    • (The bridge.)

      Bravo and the captives take cover around the doorway, as some ODSTs fire a couple of bursts at the machine guns.

      Hartley: Dammit, that's our way to the bridge.

      Michaels: There's a few doors on the sides near the nest. If someone could get to them, they'd be close enough to throw a 'nade.

      Hartley: Alright. Chyenka, take a couple of guys and try to find a way around.

      Meanwhile, D'Angelo peeks out of cover and looks at Fitzgerald, who is a few metres ahead of him.

      D'Angelo: Hey, Fitz, you alright?

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    • (This seems like it would make a good book.)

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    • Fitzgerald: Bloody stings, but nothing too deep. Confetti maker.

      He groans, slumping against the wall.

      Fitzgerald: Turned me into a fucking collander.

      His hands come away covered in blood.

      Chyenka: Carpenter and Lindberg, follow me.

      He retreats back up the corridor, and they soon find a parallel corridor.

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    • The sudden gunfire expelled any thoughts of doubt in Matt's mind, as he scrambled for cover behind a column. After exposing his position by firing a couple of bursts of suppressive fire to cover Chyenka, he pulls back behind the column only to moments later have an M9 frag grenade thrown at his feet by the rebels.

      "'Nade!" he screamed, quickly kicking it as far down the corridor as he could, though Bravo was still well within its blast radius.

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    • The blast sends shrapnel flying towards Bravo; luckily, since all of its members are behind cover, no one is hit. Steam escapes from a pipe in the corridor as Hartley looks back at Drago, hiding behind a crate.

      Hartley: Drago, get in position. As soon as it clears up, fire off a shot.

      The two Innies appear to signal each other with their heads, as if they're planning something.

      D'Angelo: Don't even think about it. I've got my eye on you.

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    • A group of men jog round the corner, one of whom falls with Carpenter to the floor. The other men are wearing rough-looking clothes with too many straps, the type you'd find in a survival gear shop, whilst the ODSTs are instantly recognisable in their BDUs.  Chyenka springs back, surprised, as the Innies charge or pull up their pistols. One tackles Lindberg and another swings a knife at Chyenka.

      (Inq., you'd better post in this scenario)

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    • The two Innies continue to communicate with each other. D'Angelo notices it again.

      D'Angelo: Okay, seriously, what the fuck do you think you're doing?

      The bruised Innie glares at him.

      D'Angelo: What, you're gonna fight me? Run? Where would you even go?

      He turns to focus on the machine guns.

      D'Angelo: I'm busy enough as it is. Don't make me have to worry about you two getting freaky.

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    • The sounds around Lindberg become muted after the Innie smashes his head against the floor. Seeing the danger, Chyenka kicks the Innie in the side, pushing him off Lindberg, but has to turn to defend himself against his own attacker. He pushes the swooping knife to the side, but barely.

      (Inq., how do you say "no plot armour" in Swedish?)

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    • One of the gunners slumps over the turret, his head nearly blown off by Drago's sniper rifle. Some of the Innies hide behind the crates in fear of getting sniped, leaving only one gunner firing at Bravo

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    • An Innie throws a grenade over a crate just as the gunner ducks down. A few ODSTs look up to take a shot when he returns, but the blinding flash from the grenade stops them. All the gunners open fire again, sweeping from side to side with their machine guns.

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    • (Well congrats folks, you managed to keep it going until the end of the week. Now, seeing as I'm not gonna bother going through a complex reintegration process:)

      One of the Insurrectionist gunners suddenly stops firing, drops his rifle and lifts into the air. Bristow has appeared from behind him and grabbed him by the back of the head with his prosthetic. For a moment, the Innie tries to emit a scream, but it is garbled when his head pops like a balloon. Underneath his visor, the ODST grins.

      Bristow: You stupid Innie fucks, you left your backdoor wide open!

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    • (Yeah, I was doing that thing with Drago to get you to post.)

      As soon as the grenade exploded, the two Innies, their hands free, broke into a run, seeing that the ODSTs were distracted. D'Angelo, at the back of the group, seems to be the only one to notice amidst the explosion and the shots.

      D'Angelo: Son of a bitch!

      He quickly sprints after them, as they round a corner into another corridor. He arrives at an intersection, although they are nowhere to be seen.

      D'Angelo (COM): Guys, the--

      The two Innies jump from behind a pair of supports and grab him from behind. Though D'Angelo manages to shake them off, throwing the bruised Innie to the ground, he loses his DMR, which ends up at the other rebel's feet. The man picks up the rifle and aims it at the ODST's head.

      (The bruised Innie readies his Palpatine voice.)

      Bruised Innie: Do it.

      D'Angelo raises his hands a little.

      D'Angelo: Hey, now, you got me. Come on, there's no reason to--

      Bruised Innie: Just fucking do it, you pussy!

      The Innie with the DMR hesitates for a few moments, before pulling the trigger. D'Angelo's visor shatters, and he limply falls on his back.

      Bruised Innie: Good job, now let's get the fuck out of here before they realise what happened.

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    • (How did Bristow get round? Another side route like Chyenka's?)

      The Innie steps in close again but is stopped the sole of Chyenka's prosthetic leg, which kicks out. He falls against the wall as Carpenter opens fire with an SMG on the others. Only Lindberg is a giant skrub left, he and his rebel seemingly oblivious to their surroundings as they continue grappling.

      The other Innies fall back, still firing constantly with their machine guns. Whilst Bristow is distracted, one swings a large machete at him from behind.

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    • (Like he said, the backdoor)

      The machete, being a slashing weapon other than an Energy Sword, slams into Bristow's battle dress but fails to do anything significant other than giving the ODST a bruise. Bristow turns around, and draws his Bowie knife.

      Bristow: Oh, you want a knife fight? Have at thee.

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    • (Let's say the Innie who argued with Matt is Innie 1 while the bruised one is Innie 2.)

      Innie 1 lowers his DMR, before taking a few steps forward to look at D'Angelo's body. He then turns to his companion, who is just getting up.

      Innie 1: Then what?

      Innie 2 takes the ODST's SOCOM from his holster.

      Innie 2: We come back with more of our guys and make sure these bastards get what they deserve. Let's go.

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    • (What backdoor though? Chyenka was ordered to go round with a couple of guys but no one else was.)

      The Innie catches sight of Bristow's prosthetic arm and realises how far his team is. Pacing back, he swings with one hand and shoves Bristow with the other.

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    • (The backdoor Bristow came through)

      Bristow catches the Insurrectionist's swing with his prosthetic and, seeing as he's easily a head taller and a lot heavier than the rebel, has little trouble exploiting the shove attempt by grabbing the arm and locking his own arm around it. With a snap, the bone inside it breaks as Bristow yanks.

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    • (So you just wanted to be badass, gotcha.)

      The Innie drops to the floor, his arm still held by Bristow. The others, further down the corridor, notice, and one rests his LMG and aims at Bristow.

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    • (I really just can't be arsed to go check where all two dozen characters currently are and where they all came from, but ok)

      Bristow picks up the fallen Insurrectionist and holds him in front of him, using him as a meatshield against the LMG so he can advance after the fleeing cowards.

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    • (There were only 10 posts in the scenario and you could just ask, but ok, gotta be badass)

      A few bursts from behind Bristow cause two Innies to fall down. One of the remaining two fumbles with a grenade and the other seems ready to open fire with his LMG, when a smatter of rifle fire comes from the right corridor. The grenade drops harmlessly to the floor, alongside the two Innies, as Chyenka, Lindberg and Carpenter step out.

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    • Moments before the grenade detonated, Matt had been about to peek around the corner and fire another few shots at the Innie defence. Thankfully, he held off and so the volley of fire unleashed after the detonation completely missed him. He kept his back pressed up against the column he was using as cover, waiting for an opportune moment to burst out and fire, but was kept in place by a nearly constant stream of bullets pinging off his cover.

      As he was facing away from the action, he saw as D'Angelo's nav marker moved away from the battle.

      D'Angelo (COM): Guys, the-

      Matt (COM): D'Angelo? Are you alr-

      Matt was interrupted mid-sentence when the trooper's nav marker turned from a blue arrow to a red 'X'.

      Matt (COM): Shit! D'Angelo's down! I'm going after them!

      With that, Matt sprinted out of the battle, after whoever had killed D'Angelo.

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    • (As I stated in the first post I made, I really don't feel like going through an entire process, and if you honestly thought I was reading along this whole time, you should reconsider how much interest I've had for this thing.)

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    • (reading 10 posts =/= "complex reintegration process")

      Michaels: Matt's on his own out there, LT; should we follow him?

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    • (Why is Inq only kudosing posts?)

      Hartley: Take Leon and find out what just happened! Drago, snipe the fuck out of them now that they're distracted!

      Michaels and Leon take off after Matt.

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    • (Please, do explain to me how I could have known it were just ten posts if I wasn't reading along.)

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    • (Read back from the last post until they stop being relevant to the situation; post #32. Or you could just ask, you know.)

      Gunfire draws the two Innies to a long room, where they find a couple of Marines in cover against a group of Innies.

      Innie 2: Oh boy.

      He throws up in the air and catches one of D'Angelo's grenades, throws and catches, throws.

      Innie 2: Hey!

      The marines turn round as the grenade lands beside their feet. Immediately they scramble away for a brief moment shrapnel breaks their visors and the explosion flings them against the table. The other three Innies walk over, rifles still raised.

      Innie 2: That's how you fucking do it! Take a lesson!

      New Innie: The fuck are you? and where's the rest of your team?

      Innie 2: Dead. And I'm gonna take you to the fascist bastards that killed them.

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    • Commando Trooper wrote:
      (Why is Inq only kudosing posts?)

      (Because I'm far too sick to post anything coherent.)

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    • Just as the new Innie was opening her mouth to speak, she was struck by several bullets from Matt's BR55. She fell down lifeless, as Matt continued to fire at the Innies through a doorway. None of the others fell before they managed to scramble into cover. Once he lost his shot on them, Matt took cover beside the doorframe.

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    • Michaels (COM): Matt, what's the situation?

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    • As he dives behind an overturned table, Innie 2 picks up the woman's MA5B.

      Innie 2: You're gonna regret that, motherfucker!

      Innie 1 pops out of cover, firing two shots at Matt, whose forearm can barely be seen from his position, although the bullets hit the doorframe. He then ducks down again.

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    • (Guess what I wasn't feeling like? Reading back an unknown number of posts or asking. You know, like I said.)

      Bristow, using his living shield, breaks into a charge, shotgun tucked under the Innie's limp armpit. He pops around the corner shortly after Matt, ending up in the doorframe nect to him.

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    • (Different Innies, Red.

      Has anyone seen much of Sean? He hasn't posted much and I haven't seen much of him on Steam, though it may be a timezone thing.)

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    • (Yeah, the two Innies ran away from the firefight, so they're pretty far from Bristow's position.)

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    • (He was on Discord recently, but he displays typical Bravian behaviour these days; being around, while not posting jack shit on the wiki.

      Wasn't that the same firefight Matt just broke off from?)

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    • (Yeah, and they ran towards the opposite end of the ship. Since Bristow is behind enemy lines, he's even farther away from them than the rest of Bravo. They were Bravo's prisoners, in case you missed that.

      Think of it as Matt and the Innies being on the left, Bravo in the middle and Bristow and the MGers on the right.)

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    • (the fuck is this)

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    • (We're continuing the Bravo RPs, Fire.)

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    • Michaels arrives just as the Innie opens fire on Matt. He hides and pulls out his battle rifle, waiting for one of the Innies to step out.

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    • One of the new Innies raises his battle rifle over the table, but takes two bullets to the shoulder from Michaels. Leon catches up with the two ODSTs, and takes cover beside Michaels.

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    • Michaels (COM): Matt, give us some cover. Leon, go round, try to find a side door.

      Leon nods and gets ready to move.

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    • Leon sprints back through the corridor and rounds a corner. He sees a door ahead and takes cover beside the doorframe, before peeking around, SMG raised. He is immediately hit by a burst from Innie 2, who had anticipated the move. Some of the bullets bounce off his helmet and plates, although one goes straight through his shoulder, causing him to tumble to the side. He crawls away from the doorframe, keeping his SMG aimed at it and his hand on his shoulder.

      Innie 2: Come on, assholes, keep it coming!

      Innie 1 aims his DMR at Matt's doorframe and looks through the scope, whilst one of the new Innies keeps an eye on Michaels' position.

      Innie 1: I know you're there, kid! Don't be shy!

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    • Michaels holds his battle rifle just out of his cover. Although he can aim via the smart-linked scope (unless this isn't a thing yet, in which case oops), it is shaky.

      Michaels (COM): Matt, open up on them, after me.

      He finds Innie 1 and his reticule hovers over him, wavering slightly. He steadies his hands and fires.

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    • One of the bullets goes through Innie 1's left forearm, while the other two knock his DMR's scope off. He screams and swears as he falls behind the table, dropping the rifle.

      Innie 1: Fuck you, fascists!

      Whilst on the ground, he notices the dead Marine beside him and extends his right arm to search for his sidearm.

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    • (Smart-linked scope has always been a thing.)

      As Michaels opens fire, Matt swings round into the doorway and fires too. His MA5C sprays bullets in the direction of the Innies. Although a couple sink into the flesh of some of the Innies who'd been rescued by the two who'd escaped custody, none are completely incapacitated. They fall into cover from Matt, which leaves them open to Michaels.

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    • Seeing the Innies rush for cover, Michaels moves out of his own and opens fire. His aim is stronger now that he's aiming properly and a few bursts bring down one Innie, then the next.

      Michaels (COM): Leon, sitrep?

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    • (should i bother making character or is this going to die)

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    • (Probably the latter, since Sean and Inq are scrubs who don't post even though they're online.)

      Leon (COM): Can't keep a gun steady with my shoulder like this. Think we should call for reinforcements?

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    • ('d love to post, but I don't even have a proper character)

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    • (Sean, Sasuun is there. You made him. Use him. If not, use an NPC.)

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    • (Or Beck. Or Brace.)

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    • (You revived the RP, Sean, so you could at least try to keep it alive.)

      Meanwhile, near the MG nest, the last of the Innies is killed by Bristow, allowing Bravo to come out of cover. Hartley reloads his battle rifle, then turns to Mandlebaum.

      Hartley: Corporal, take Brace, Fitzgerald, Carpenter and Lindberg and go check on Matt and the others. The rest of us are going in.

      He points to the door at the end of the corridor behind Bristow, which has a "Bridge" sign over it.

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    • Bristow: Alright lads, let's do this.

      He releases his meat shield from his grip and tosses him aside, before resting the barrel of his shotgun on the man's face and pulling the trigger.

      Bristow: I bet their righteous and glorious commanders have holed up in here in the hope they won't have to fight for their cause. Fucking pussies.

      He stacks up at the side of the door, waiting for the rest to get in position behind him.

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    • Hartley pulls out his assault rifle as he positions himself behind Bristow.

      Hartley: Just save some of the higher-ranking ones or Chetner will have our asses.

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    • Bristow: As long as they can still talk, right?

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    • Hartley: Right. Get ready.

      He pushes a button on the console beside the door, which slides open.

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    • Bristow is the first to act, tossing a grenade around the corner before bursting inside, shotgun at the ready to shoot up anyone inside.

        Loading editor
    • An Innie sitting in front of a console looks back at the ODSTs, before the grenade reduces him to flying limbs. Hartley turns to the right and guns down a rebel raising his SMG, then dashes forward and knocks a beret-wearing man unconscious with his rifle.

      Hartley: Careful with the windows.

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    • S-D379
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    • Bristow: If these windows shatter from small arms fire, this ship is built very poorly!

      Rather disappointingly, he sees no one else to shoot. Therefore, he turns to the beret guy.

      Bristow: Someone get a bucket of water or something, we gotta wake him up again.

        Loading editor
    • (Yeah, I was gonna have one of the windows get a breach to make things interesting, but that would be decidedly unrealistic.)

      Hartley grabs the beret rebel by the collar and dumps him next to the doorway, where Goldstein and the scientists are hiding.

      Hartley: No, this guy's done. Search the rest of the place, there's gotta be more hiding around here.

      Seeing that Matt and Michaels are distracted with his friends, Innie 1 takes one of the dead Marine's M6G and crawls towards a doorway next to his table. He stands up in the corridor, his left arm bleeding, and he walks up to a large blast door ahead of him. He punches a button next to it, and it slides open, revealing an intersection. Leaning back against a corner, he peeks around and is satisfied to see he managed to flank Matt. As the ODST is firing into the room, Innie 1 aims his magnum at his back.

      Innie 1: Sorry, kid.

      Instead of a loud bang, the weapon produces only a click once he pulls the trigger.

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    • (Psst... nothing personal kid)

      Bristow: Hold up, gotta give him something to remember.

      With a few large strides, he reaches the beret guy's limp form. He prods the man's hand with his shotgun barrel, before pulling the trigger, turning the hand into a bloody pulp.

      Bristow: Alright, ready.

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    • (lel I just referenced a meme I didn't even know existed)

      Kaflinski laughs as Bristow blows the Innie's hand out. Suddenly, another rebel jumps from behind a large console, holding a pair of grenades in his hands. He activates them and sprints towards the ODSTs.

      Rebel: I'll fucking take you all with me!

        Loading editor
    • Bristow lifts up his shotgun and fires at the rebel's left hand, detonating the grenade prematurely.

      Bristow: Why do they always think that's a good strategy?

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    • Michaels swings his rifle from the room to Innie 1, who was frantically drawing a knife. After two bursts, the Innie, hands at his throat, sinks down the wall.

      Michaels (COM): Last one. Brace, get here ASAP; rest of you can turn round.

      He advances to the door and holds his rifle out again, searching the room rather than aiming.

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    • Crouched behind the table, Innie 2 looks around, realising that all the other rebels are dead and that there is no way out.

      Innie 2: So this is it, huh? I guess I am gonna die on this shithole after all. But guess what, UNSC cunts? I'll fucking die happy, because I know this shit is only the beginning. You'll get what's coming to you, motherfuckers. My only regret is that I won't be there to watch your empire fucking burn as the colonies turn on you.

      He pops out of cover quickly, firing his MA5B at Michaels and forcing him into cover.

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    • Michaels: You're deluded!

      Meanwhile, Matt bursts out of cover and quickly advances on the rebel's position, firing his BR frantically at the Innie as he did. Once he reached another piece of cover closer to the rebel's position, he ducked into it, then primed a grenade and hurled it over the top of the cover, toward the rebel.

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    • Innie 2: You'll find out soon enough which one of us is deluded, you fu-

      He watches as the grenade bounces off the wall behind his table, and comes to a stop between his feet. As he sighs and closes his eyes, it detonates.

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    • A side door opens and blue plasma shoots out in the direction of Hartley and Bristow. A sangheili roar punctuates the burst.

      "Die nishum!"

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    • (Wat)

        Loading editor
    • (If you're questioning the word nishum, it's a Sangheili insult against humans. If you're questioning the presence of Sangheili, then idk.)

        Loading editor
    • (The latter.)

        Loading editor
    • (I said I was going to throw in a Covenant Remnant that was working with the rebels. Bad play?)

        Loading editor
    • (Well, we've already fought an Innie faction working with Remnants, and the battle was about to end anyway. Spending even more time fighting on the ship would be incredibly boring.)

        Loading editor
    • (I'm not sure really. I'm open to the introduction of remnant group, but I'm not sure whether they'd be on the Illustrious at this point in time, seeing as it's a UNSC ship that was boarded shortly before the mission started. I'm also unsure as to what stake they'd have in Silence's independence, seeing as it's just a relatively unimportant human colony.)

        Loading editor
    • (Well here's what I'm thinking. The sangheili is just one by himself. A liason. Zev'arin is interested in fostering an alliance between his covenant remnant and human rebels on a large scale to try and grow a force he could use to take on the Swords of Sangheilios. He doesn't despise humans in particular. They were just an enemy he was ordered to fight. He does hate the Arbiter though. 

      His liason would be on the ship to aid in boarding operations to kind of showcase the usefulness in working together. Basically Zev'arin wants to create an alliance by helping the rebels and in return getting their aid. That's the gist of it at least.

      The reason for starting at Silence is because it's relatively unimportant and out of the way. Zev'arin knows the UEG is more focused on worlds with larger populations and bigger logistics issues. Unfortunately for him, he miscalculated the UNSC's interest in Silence hence why he'd end up having to engage them. It also creates a segway ramp for Phillipae 'Vlassam.


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    • (All you have to do is kill the elite and it sets the stage)

        Loading editor
    • (The main problem with all of this is the fact that Post-War Insurrectionists generally hate the Covenant with a passion, as evidenced from HtT.

      On another note, I liked Poole from Mission quite a bit, and imo he's the best Halo character I ever created. I think I'll be introducing him here once this shitshow is over.)

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    • (What Red said.

      I actually would've preferred it if we had revived the Mission instead of this, cause that had more potential.)

        Loading editor
    • (Who do the innies hate more? Covenant Remnants or the UEG? Zev'arin would be offering them assistance against the UNSC and plenty of weapons and other supplies.

      If you don't like this idea that's fine. I'm sure we can come up with something else.)

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    • (That's not how it works. You wouldn't ally with the Soviets just to get rid of the Nazis either


      (No, but in all seriousness, the Innies have zero reason to ally with a faction they utterly despise, just to get some help fighting another faction they utterly despise.)

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    • (Maybe, just maybe, it could be a Sasuun-type deal.   But I couldn't see it, since this particular organization is only interested in independence for Silence.  A Sangheli would have nothing to gain from that.

      On the topic of A Mission; I totally agree. But I just want to get this ship back to Chetner and give Bravo a happy ending somehow. Maybe one final thing after this to shut down the Innies, or let them be independent all touchy-feely or whatever.)

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    • Bristow: We done here, LT?

        Loading editor
    • Hartley: We are.

      He turns to Phillips, who is standing in front of a comms console.

      Hartley: Raise the Sword, tell them the bridge is secure and they can send in more troops to clear out the rest of the ship.

      As Phillips gets to work, Hartley stares at the planet below through the windows.

      Hartley: That should teach them not to fuck with us again.

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    • (Oh well. I tried. I'll just follow along and see if anything opens up.)

        Loading editor
    • (Sorry, Thel.  I'm having the exact same following-along problem.  Wake up and there's 20+ posts to read.  Start typing and there's 30 more.  It's annoying, but it's tolerable)

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    • (Calling this RP active is like calling Siberia overpopulated)

        Loading editor
    • (If we wanted to do both, we could bring Foxtrot into the equation in this RP. Only problem is, we'd be dictating which Foxtrot characters survive from New Jerusalem through to Silence.)

        Loading editor
    • (That's not really doing both. Part of the appeal of the Mission is the fact that it's during the War. All we'd do is add even more main characters to Bravo.)

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    • Michaels: (COM) Hartley, we've just finished up here. Our two prisoners are dead, along with a few other rebels and a squad of Marines. Leon was hit, but he'll live. (off COM) Matt, grab those Marines' tags and ammo and see if those Innies have anything useful. Take their weapons too. Leon, you ok to walk back, or shall I call Brace to us?

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    • Leon (meekly): Tell him to hurry; I can't move my arm...

        Loading editor
    • Brace walks around the corner.

      Brace: LT sent me before they hit the bridge. Let me get a look at that.

      He crouches beside Leon.

      Brace: Yeah, should be an easy fix.

      Admiral Chetner's voice booms over the COM.

      Chetner (COM): Finally, Bravo! I was starting to wonder if this was going to be yet another one of Major Gardener's tactical failures! I'd congratulate you, if I didn't know it was your fault that this happened in the first place!

      Croft (COM): Admiral-

      Chetner (COM): Quiet, Captain! We all know it was your 'Eureka Division' that failed to stop them from launching the prototypes! Do you know what you let happen?! Do you realise that I will never be able to look at her the same way, knowing it was by her hand that a destroyer fell?! But I wouldn't expect you to understand, seeing how-

      Croft (COM): Admiral, please remain calm. You have your cruiser back.

      The exchange is followed by a few seconds of silence.

      Chetner (COM): Send in three squads of Marines to clean up what's left of that mess, Captain. Then I'm coming aboard. Bravo, you may return.

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    • "Geez, what a jackass," Bristow grumbled as he slung his shotgun over his shoulder. "He's salty enough to season a state banquet."

        Loading editor
    • Jones: Can't disagree on that, bud.

      Jones removes the almost empty magazine from his gun and pushes a new one in it.

      (Where are Michaels and Leon?)

        Loading editor
    • (With Matt in another room.)

      Croft (COM): Bravo, you've got a Pelican waiting for you in Hangar Bay B1.

      Hartley turns to walk towards the door.

      Hartley: Alright, let's get going. Then we're gonna find out if these "scientists" really are what they claim to be.

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    • Jones (to the scientists): Get on moving, fellas. I wouldn't want to miss the ride if I were you. Or if I were an innie, that ain't gonna happen, anyways.

      Jones helps Goldstein get up from the ground.

      (Uh, is there anything planned that the scientists are insurrectionists?)

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    • 10 minutes later...

      The hangar doors of the Sword of Giants close as Bravo's Pelican lands. The ramp lowers, and the ODSTs walk out with their prisoners. Hartley notices Chetner standing beside the dropship, then salutes.

      Hartley: Admiral Chetner, sir.

      He pushes Goldstein forward.

      Hartley: We found this man and three others hiding. One didn't make it. They claim they were there to inspect a set of blueprints relating to a generator, and I was hoping you could verify their story.


        Loading editor
    • (I'll post for me and Inq, since he's not going to)

      Goldstein: "Found"? "Found"?  Admiral Chetner, I can assure you, we were not found, we came to your men voluntarily. And regrettably so.

      Beck: Sorry, what?

      The Admiral raises a hand in Beck's direction.

      Chetner: Regrettably how?

      Goldstein: Admiral, I have an unnervingly long list of reasons to believe that your Lieutenant is attempting to use us a means of passing off all guilt in direct relation to working hand-in-hand with the same band of terrorist thugs who just stole your ship and attempted to extrapolate their theatre of combat to the next five systems.

      Beck attempts to protest again, only for Chetner to repeat the previos action.

      Chetner: This doesn't surprise me. The unit you see before you has been horribly disloyal in many past events.

      Some guards rush over, and surround Bravo from behind. Before anyone can act, the restraints are locked.

      Chetner: Sabotage of mission objectives, ignorance to primary directives, blatant disobedience of command. Many, many past events. But whatever the case, I speak for everyone when I commend your bravery and telling us of their deception. In your actions, you protected the integrity of the unit, the ship, and the UNSC. You have our gratitude, Dr. Goldstein.

      As the ODSTS are dragged to the brig, the Admiral and the Doctor walk off victorious.

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    • (When has Bravo been "horribly disloyal"?)

        Loading editor
    • (Never.  But now they'red looked up.  Somethng's afoot)

        Loading editor
    • (So Chetner's going to be another dumb officer turned traitor?)

      Hartley: What? Admiral, that doesn't even make-

      He is interrupted when a guard pushes him forward. Meanwhile, Kaflinski struggles to free himself.

      Kaflinski: The little shithead! Should've crushed his neck when I had the chance!

      He looks back at one of the scientists while being pushed.

      Kaflinski: And you! Expect to be with your brother again soon!

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    • (Oh he's not a traitor.)

        Loading editor
    • Seeing as it is literally impossible for a couple of guards to put restraints on two dozen ODSTs before any of them can act, Bristow manages to stop the guard approaching him and closes his prosthetic hand around the man's throat.

      Bristow: I'm not going anywhere. I didn't do jack shit, and I'm not turning in because of someone else's false accusions.

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    • Chetner: If you're attempting to write yourself a warrant for execution, Corporal, you're succeeding. 

        Loading editor
    • Bristow: Real cool and all, "admiral", but I'm not the one committing treason here.

        Loading editor
    • Chetner: I can list at least eleven different ways you are, have been, and will be commiting treason.

        Loading editor
    • Bristow: Really, now? Go ahead, admiral. List them. What exactly have I done?

        Loading editor
    • Chetner: One; speaking out of term.

      Some more Marines gather around.

      Chetner: Two; intentional failure of given mission.

      They raise their weapons.

      Chetner: Three; resistance to authority.  

      A few clicks sound as various safeguards are switched off.

      Chetner: Four; getting blood all over your captain's hangar.  Bad conduct, corporal.

      Their aim is decidedly on Bristow now.

      Chetner: And finally.  

      He begins loading shots into his magnum.

      Chetner: Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven.  I'll give you three more seconds.

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    • Bristow: I don't have to answer to a traitor, admiral. There is no speaking out of term, or resistance of authority, when that "authority" is undermining the UNSC. You are the one committing treason, not me. Tell me, you Marine punks, you have fought alongside us; when has Task Force Bravo ever given any indication of plotting treason?

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    • The Marines, still pointing their weapons at Bristow, turn their heads and glance at each other. Meanwhile, on the bridge, a crewman watches the scene through one of the hangar's security cameras.

      Crewman: Captain Croft! You got to have a look at this!

      Croft rushes over to the crewman and stares at the screen for a few moments.

      Croft (COM): Admiral, what is going on?!

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    • Marine: You're being hailed, sir.

      Chetner: Shut the line. Waters, start the transport, we're heading back to the Illustrious.  Have the crew train the guns on the Sword.  If it moves, shoot it.  If it doesn't, wait, then shoot it.

      Marine: Orders sent sir.

      A squad's worth of marines stay behind, as the officer, the scientists, and a few other marines board the shuttle and head out.  Below, on the surface of Silence, a million thunders sound.  Another wave of Lysanders is being launched.

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    • Before Chetner can leave, Bristow throws the guard he is holding at the Marines and leaps at the admiral, grabbing him by the neck.

      Bristow: Shoot, and my arm will reflexively cramp, killing this "admiral" instantly.

        Loading editor
    • The door of the Pelican swings closed, Bristow, the other Marines, and the hostage Admiral still inside.  The ODST finds himself surrounded by Chetner's men, who find themself facing a bioinc-armed serial killer with their figurehead in a chokehold.

        Loading editor
    • Bristow casually walks over to the cockpit, Chetner dragging behind him.

      Bristow: Open the door, if you know what's good for you.

        Loading editor
    • Pilot: The door?  Open it?  Huh?

        Loading editor
    • Bristow pulls out his Bowie knife with his left hand.

      Bristow: Open it, or I'll do it myself.

        Loading editor
    • The pilot's attention is temporarily diverted by the Lysander craft, which have just penetrated the atmosphere.

      Pilot: Okay, okay, sure.

      He presses a few buttons, a convoluted system of numbers, and then flips a switch.  The hangar door begins to open, and the Pelican rises into the air by itself.

      Pilot: It's open.

        Loading editor
    • (I'm broke on whether to add a character to this, if I am going to. Was thinking about doing Mykola, but doesn't seem as if we want to bring Foxtrot forward.)

        Loading editor
    • Phillipae had been there just staring into the void for the past couple hours lost in thought. Taybab inturrupted his introspection. 

      "Commander, I have several items to report to you."

      "Go ahead Taybab."

      "Firstly, the Huragok finished cracking the encrypted transmissions. Apparently, Zev'arin is in control of an old Covenant skunkworks team and the facilities to back them up."

      "Skunkworks? Which one?"

      "An older group not affiliated with the Black Seraph Division. They operated under the Ministry of Divine Conquest. Now they serve Zev'arin. Apparently they are responsible for the new encryption techniques. We also got the locations of numerous facilities and assets but I need to emphasize that Zev'arin keeps everything moving around. We will need to strike quickly in order to get them in time."

      "Noted. Anything else?"

      "Yes. Just a few moments ago in fact. Apparently, Task Force Bravo is being placed under arrest by a UNSC Admiral Chetner. Of further note, Admiral Chetner has placed orders to fire upon the UNSC Sword of Giants if they make any sudden maneuvers or after a certain time has passed. Sir, I know they may seem like just a bunch of humans but we've been through a lot. I don't want to see them or their ship harmed. I am fully aware of the political situation back home however, the existence of BlaSDiv is still largely confidential. We have the training and the hardware to pull off a ghost op just like we used to."

      "Taybab, I have no intention of allowing are friends to come to harm. They've done more for me than they will ever know. More than you will ever know old friend. We will not let them come to harm. We will keep hidden as long as possible and we will act swiftly and only as far as is necessary. I want zero UNSC casualties by our hand."

      Taybab grinned beneath his breathing mask. 

      "I was hoping you'd say that sir."

      "Is the DSB ready for deployment?"

      "Yes Commander, but with one caveat. It can only stop a fairly limited ammount of fire before the unit burns out."

      "With luck, we'll only need that much. Is Patient Strike online yet?"

      "Ready and waiting. He's been looking forward to shipboard deployment."

      "Excellent. Patient Strike, bring the Fury up to Ready State Alpha. Prepare to go to Battle Stations on my order."

      "Acknowledged Commander 'Vlassam," the A.I. replied. 

      "Taybab, ready a pair of tactical strike teams and assemble them here in the hangar. Be sure both of the stealth phantoms are ready to go. I'm going to the bridge."

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    • Bristow: Good lad.

      Bristow hops out of the Pelican, paying no heed to Chetner's wellbeing. He drags him towards the exit.

      Bristow: Come along now, admiral. We're going to have a nice, long talk.

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    • Sean4333 wrote: The hangar door begins to open, and the Pelican rises into the air by itself.


        Loading editor
    • (Oh no, apparently Bristow can't jump a couple of feet)

        Loading editor
    • (Red, it was the ship's hangar bay that opened, not the Pelican's door. It was getting ready to go to the Illustrious.)

        Loading editor
    • Bristow jams his knife into the pilot's shoulder.

      Bristow: I don't feel like joking around. Open it. Now.

        Loading editor
    • Kaflinski smiles.

      Kaflinski: If this doesn't get him court-martialed...

      Chyenka: Then his war crimes should.

      (Are we sticking with the Battle for the foreseeable future, or do we intend to move onto the Mission?)

        Loading editor
    • Sean4333 wrote:
      (On the topic of A Mission; I totally agree. But I just want to get this ship back to Chetner and give Bravo a happy ending somehow. Maybe one final thing after this to shut down the Innies, or let them be independent all touchy-feely or whatever.)

      (I guess this is what we're gonna follow after all. I'm okay with either of the RPs, to be honest.)

        Loading editor
    • (No idea, Vessel. I imagine Bravo's going to finish putting down Silence's rebellion first, before we move on to A Mission.)

      Matt watches on as Bristow holds Chetner hostage, unsure of whether he supported or condemned the ODST's actions. Either way, he was glad that the restraints placed on his hands prevented him from acting, and hence he couldn't be implicated.

      Meanwhile, a door in the main hangar opens and the leader of Task Force Quebec steps through, while telling the punchline to a joke that several of his men, who are following close behind him, loudly laugh at. They're in full combat gear, no doubt ready to escort Chetner back to the Illustrious. They approach Chetner's Pelican, unaware of the events unfolding within.

        Loading editor
    • The Zealous Fury, still cloaked, moved towards the pair of UNSC vessels. 

      Phillipae was firmly planted in his command seat. "Status report."

      "First and Second Lance ready to deploy on your order Commander."

      "Good. Keep all systems hot. I want those Phantoms ready to launch in an instant and battle systems ready. Remember, no UNSC casualties and no trace of our presence." 

      "Orders confirmed. Ready to launch on your order."

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    • (Agreed, Dab.)

      Upon hearing Chyenka's words, Hartley's mind shifts back to the events on Algolis. Though he had considered the possibility of preventing Bristow from partaking in any more counterinsurgency missions, he had been putting off the thought, feeling Bristow's usefulness outweighed his excessive violence. His train of thought is interrupted when Quebec enters the hangar. Looking back at the soldiers, he grits his teeth underneath his polarised visor.

      Hartley: Well, that's just really fucking typical.

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    • Jones: (muttering) Just when you think it wouldn't get any bad, huh?

        Loading editor
    • A crewman spins in her chair to look at Croft.

      Crewman: Sir, they've shut the line.

      The captain looks up from the screen.

      Croft: Goddammit... Close all hangar doors! Nobody is leaving my ship until I find out what's going on! (COM) Major Gardener, I need you and Charlie in the hangar ASAP!

      Meanwhile, the large door in front of the Pelican begins to slide shut.

        Loading editor
    • The Hangar....

      Quebec Leader: And look who it is.

      Charlie and a few tag-alongs from some of the other forces arrive through the service door.

      Gardener: Oh.  And look who it is.

      Quebec Leader: Stole my fucking line.  You know if I had a credit for everything you've ever stole, I'd-

      Gardener fires. Quebec's leader drops to the ground.  Someone caught in the standoff lets out an exasperated "Holy shit".  But miraculously, the body begins to pull itself back onto its feet.  In the way it moves, jerks, still lives, the reason becomes clear.  Augmentation.

      Quebec: Come on, babe, you really think we'd come here without winning first?   That's insulting.  I'm insulted.  Get 'em, boys. 

      The Pelican...

      Pilot: Oh, would you look at the time.

      He directs Bristow to a clock opposite the dashboard.

        Loading editor
    • Bristow brings his knife up to the pilot's throat.

      Bristow: Listen here, jackass, if I hear one more snarky comment coming from those vocal chords of yours, I will cut them in half. Put this thing down and open the bay door, or I will do it myself.

        Loading editor
    • Pilot: No, really, this is extremely serious.

        Loading editor
    • Bristow: Are you actually dense or do you have a deathwish?

        Loading editor
    • The clock, counting down as it would have it, reaches zero on all four of its digits.  A few tones sound.

      Pilot: Just trying to help.

      Engines whir increasingly louder as the Pelican is shot ouf of the hangar.  A collision with the shutting door steals the tip of its left wing, but it continues nonetheless.  The pilot looks to Bristow, and signals with his hands that he has no control of the craft. In fact, no one does.

        Loading editor
    • (The hangar bay was closed lad, and Pelicans don't have remote control. You can't just force your plotline onto everyone by all means possible and impossible.)

        Loading editor
    • Commando Trooper wrote:

      Meanwhile, the large door in front of the Pelican begins to slide shut.

        Loading editor
    • (Yes, that takes such an eternity)

        Loading editor
    • (Well, D79 Pelicans have autopilot. Dunno if that means D77 Pelicans would. It's never been confirmed either way, as far as I know, so it's possible.)

        Loading editor
    • Sean4333 wrote: (Sorry, Thel.  I'm having the exact same following-along problem.  Wake up and there's 20+ posts to read.  Start typing and there's 30 more.  It's annoying, but it's tolerable)

      (I just figured out this thread exist, and your part of it so I have a reason to care.)

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    • Charlie and Quebec quickly train their weapons on each other, and a firefight ensues. Caught in the crossfire, the members of Bravo scatter and dive for cover, their hands still restrained.

        Loading editor
    • Chyenka follows Carpenter and Hartley behind cover as bullets fly overhead.

      Chyenka: Let me try something, sir; hold your restraints against the crate.

        Loading editor
    • (Okay, I get that Bravo and Quebec hate each other but isn't it kind of off for UNSC forces to start firing at each other almost as soon as they get a look at each other? Yeah I get that they despise one another but it seems kind of off to me that it woud descend into blue on blue between them so dang fast. 

      Also, what is Admiral Chetner's vendetta against them? I must have missed that.) 

        Loading editor
    • Hartley promptly holds his restraints against their cover, as Carpenter peeks around it to get a look at the firefight. Though Charlie has already suffered three casualties, they managed to take out one of Quebec's members.

        Loading editor
    • (Sean is enforcing a plot beyond reasonability, Thel. Nothing that's happening right now makes any sliver of sense.

      Also, Chetner is a traitor. It's not a figment of Bristow's imagination, it's an actual thing, and Bristow apparently is the only one smart enough to see it.)

        Loading editor
    • (But didn't Chetner actually send orders to fire on the Sword when he had cleared the vessel? Also, what is Chetner's ship's name?)

        Loading editor
    • (He did, and Bristow realistically should have stopped him from leaving, but apparently the Pelican's pilot has congenital analgesia, the Pelican was suddenly outfitted with remote control, and the hangar door closes slower than Windows Vista installed on a potato.)

        Loading editor
    • Phillipae stared intently at the foreward viewscreen. "Patient Strike, is there anyway to see or hear what is going on inside those vessels?"

      "I can attempt a remote hack of UNSC internal ship surveilance systems but there is no garuntee that it would go unnoticed."

      "Can I establish we secure line to the Sword of Giant's captain without revealing our position?"

      "Affirmative. Commander."

      "Do it then."

      Phillipae hails Captain Croft. 

      "Greetings Captain. This is Commander 'Vlassam. I don't know the full situation over there, but I've intercepted communications indicating that the UNSC vessel right across from you has orders to fire upon you a short while after an Admiral Chetner clears your ship. My ship is nearby and stands ready to assist you." 


        Loading editor
    • (Also, the Insurrectionists' attack on the Illustrious makes very little sense now.)

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    • ReDquinox wrote:
      (Sean is enforcing a plot beyond reasonability, Thel. Nothing that's happening right now makes any sliver of sense.)

      (Bristow literally timewarped, teleported, and broke through the Matrix in order to anticlimactically become involved in a non-important scene (the Pelican leaving).  That is the epitome of enforcing plot, especially when it is done in order to give your character some sort of heroic redemption.  What's happening would make perfect sense if you would kindly allow your characters to follow the basic principles of physics, and focus on creating a story and not a solution.  Please and thank you.)

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    • (Should I discuss an idea for people who will be classified by ONI as insurrectionists who will be fired apon with surface to air missiles in spite of not actually being physically violent and armed only with prayer sticks?)

        Loading editor
    • (Sean, it really isn't timewarping if you just go through actions without allowing anyone to do anything about it. Basic principle of RPing, you don't control the actions of other people's characters.)

        Loading editor
    • (Maybe because the idea of anyone doing anything about it was completely overlooked, since getting involved in such an irrelevant subplot would do nothing but bring about a premature end to the entire arc.  Allowing any reaction wasn't even considered, since reacting to something so small was so unexpected.) 

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    • (Then perhaps you should make a better arc that gives me reason not to interrupt it, eh?)

        Loading editor
    • (Just trying to set-up an end.)

        Loading editor
    • (That doesn't excuse the fact that it is broken and senseless from every angle.)

        Loading editor
    • (And you can continue the counter-act it through in-character posting if you want.  But I'll still try to counter your counters in-RP, as well.  It's all fair.)

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    • (It isn't when Pelicans start doing supernatural things that don't allow any form of control over the situation)

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    • (Guys guys can't we all just agree that calamari taste great?)

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    • (Okay, how about we solve this)


      Man at monitor: Sir, we have a situation.

      Voice: What is it?

      A black-clad figure slightly bends to view the display.  What it shows is a Pelican, erratically swishing back and forth in a Frigate's hangar bay as a gunfire errupts below.

      Man at monitor: What's the call?

      Voice: Non-trivial.  Further information is-

      The screen-watcher hits the figure on the back.

      Voice: Needed.  What is the status on the Rebel boarding party?

      Man at monitor: Terminated.  They've played their part.  Our forces are in control of the Cruiser, and the scientists have hidden the chemicals in their intended positions.

      Voice: It is decided.  The situation is trivial.  Destroy the weak link.

      Man at monitor: Yes, sir.

      The inside of Chetner's Pelican sounds alarms, as Quebec's resident specialist locks-on with a rocket launcher.

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    • (I hate calamari)

      Bristow glances out the window of the cockpit.

      Bristow: Uh, admiral? It seems your lapdogs stopped caring about you.

      With a swift motion, he tracks his knife along the throat of the pilot and hurries to find the button that opens the bay door.

      Bristow: Come on, come on... ah!

      Fist closed, he smashes the button and sprints out of the cockpit, still dragging Chetner behind him.

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    • ReDquinox wrote: (I hate calamari)

      (Why you filthy heathen!)

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    • The rocket collides with the Pelican just under its left engine.  Almost immediately it begins to combust; first the engines and ventral fuel canisters, then the cockpit.

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    • Bristow: Admiral, we're going to make a little cliffjump.

      While the rest of the Pelican is busy exploding, he holds Chetner out in front of him and leaps out of the bay, holding the admiral below him to cushion his landing.

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    • Croft (COM): Commander 'Vlassam? What exactly are you doing in this system?

      He witnesses the Pelican explosion on the screen.

      Croft (COM): Actually, Admiral Chetner isn't leaving at all... If the Illustrious is getting ready to fire on us, I don't have a lot of options here. How can you assist?

      What's left of the Pelican comes crashing down towards the soldiers below, prompting some of Quebec's members to dive out of the way. Charlie seizes the opportunity, firing at the soldiers who were forced out of cover.

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    • "Captain, there's no time to explain my presence here. I have a device capable of projecting a limited use energy shield barrier around your ship. It will only take so much damage but is far better than nothing and should protect you from any initial volley. 

      I have no wish to inflict any UNSC casualties here today Captain. I can support you against the Illustrious and I can even deploy troops to support you. You have been good friends to me and my people in the past and I would not see you harmed by a rogue admiral."

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    • Seeming to appear from nowhere a missile flew for the Sword of Giants. "Brace for impact!" a bridge officer shouted. The impact never came. Instead there was a loud thunk against the hull. 

      Through the view ports they saw a brief shimmer through space as the energy shield came online. 

      "That will save your ship from at least one or two volleys." 

        Loading editor
    • (So let me get this straight: Quebec are traitors, Chetner's a dick but still innocent, the Illustrious is about to fire on the Sword for no reason other than "Chetner's angry at Bravo, a couple dozen people out of the hundreds of UNSC crew on the ship", and there is now a firefight going on between UNSC forces in the Sword's hangar?

      Sorry Sean, but I'm with Red on this one. This is getting too convoluted and frankly, quite ludicrous.)

        Loading editor
    • (Good God, the UNSC are beginning to sound like Nato.)

        Loading editor
    • (No no, it's been cleared up. See, there's a large-scale conspiracy on the loose within the UNSC. Chetner was the leading figure in this operation, but thanks to the current situation, bigger figures have decided that his worth is gone. Quebec is also part of the conspiracy.)

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    • (I understood most of that, but I still don't like it.)

        Loading editor
    • (Sorry, internet's been down.)

      Chyenka stands, lifting his prosthetic. Without hovering for a second, the mechanical leg whips out against Hartley's manacles with a chink, making the crate shift. Hartley's hands fly free from each other.

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    • Dab1001 wrote: (I understood most of that, but I still don't like it.)

      (They're not traitors, Bravo just has a dangerous amount of power)

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    • (Are you kidding? They're a group of ODSTs who do have a reputation, yes, but ultimately they still answer to Croft, who himself answers to Admirals like Chetner and Kellogg. Bravo have no more power than any other of the Task Forces. They just happen to be the most successful...)

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    • (Croft's still a target)

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    • (Do we have a non canon RP thread? Lets turn this into a comedy drama slash B-movie soap opera with one liners and high levels of ridiculous events.)

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    • (I don't even know anymore Stars. I have no clue where we're going with this.) 

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    • Thel Vadam4321 wrote: (I don't even know anymore Stars. I have no clue where we're going with this.) 

      (We go hear. We go hear. .)

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    • (Thel, I've been meaning to ask: how does BlaSDiv fit in with the Silent Shadow (the highly secretive Spec Ops Elite group from Headhunters and Hunting Party), since they seem to essentially be a canon version of BlaSDiv was meant to be.)

        Loading editor
    • (I have read Headhunters but that was many years ago. Never read Hunting Party so far as I know. I don't remember the Silent SHadows.

      My explanation is the fact that the Covenant was a massive Empire. There very well may have been many black organizations under the Covenant umbrella. ONI even has many divisions/sections that are often at odds with one another.) 

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    • (After a very, very productive conversation with Dab, the two of us have decided that the best cource of action is to return to a previous point and beign the start of a new, more inclusive arc.  Several of you should know at least some aspects of said arc, and we'd like to organize little meanings with each of those people so they know how to get involved.  It is thought out, entertaining, and, most importantly, Dab-approved.  Please speak up about any concerns now, and, if your name follows, state when you'd be free for a chat meeting.

      People to discuss with (seperately):

      CT, Thel, Inq.


        Loading editor
    • (Just to clarify Sean's statement, we haven't decided on what Bravo/BlaSDiv should do next, just devised what we think would be a good backstory for Silence and its rebellion with which to continue RPing from. Of course, you're free to object to anything, as we don't control this RP any more than any of you do. Take it as a suggestion more than anything else.

      Oh, and the point we were thinking of rewinding to was just after Bravo took the bridge, so we can replay this Chetner confrontation a little better.)

        Loading editor
    • (Unless anyone has any objections, I'm going to rewind now. Best not to shelve the RP for too long, lest we lose interest.)

      As per Michaels' orders, Matt quickly grabs the dead Marines' dog tags and stores them in a pouch on his BDU. He then shares the weapons and ammo of the Marines and Innies between the four ODSTs present, and proceeds to frisk the Innies' bodies to check for anything useful. His search turns up only one item of interest on the first Innie: a reasonably modern miniature data pad.

      Matt: Huh. Would've though a piece of gear like this would be way out of the price range of a "simple farmer".

      Upon searching the body of the other Innie, the one he and Leon had captured, he winced upon finding a tattered image printed on paper, showing the Innie standing in front of a small city on a planet Matt didn't recognise, surrounded by his family: a wife and two children. He stuffed the image back into the rebel's pocket trying not to think about it. As he was about to leave the Innie alone and declare his search fruitless, he notices a tattoo on the rebel's arm. Matt pulls up the Innie's sleeve, revealing the full tattoo, which depicts the acronym "FaSUM" superimposed over a clenched fist.

      Matt: (to himself) FaSUM...? (to Michaels) Isn't that the rebel group DAB was from? How could they be here?

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    • (Sean, I'll be on mostly during the next four hours.)

      Michaels: What?

      He walks over to the dead Innie.

      Michaels: I didn't think these guys were part of something bigger...

      Leon: We gotta report this to the LT.

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    • Matt nods in response to Michaels, and opens COMs with the rest of Bravo.

      Matt (COM): LT? One of our prisoners was affiliated with the Insurrectionists group FaSUM. Are they known to be involved with the Silence rebellion?

      Before anyone can answer, Croft's voice comes through the COMs.

      Croft (COM): Bravo, I need a sitrep. Admiral Chetner's getting impatient; he's loaded a trio of Pelicans up with Marines and Quebec, and is demanding you meet him at Hangar B on the Illustrious.

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    • (Apologies gents. I have been quite busy these past couple of days. I'm not ignoring you I assure you. I'm not sure when I can join the COMLINK for a conference but if you're so inclined please do share the run down of your ideas here. If not that's fine. We can figure something out.) 

        Loading editor
    • Hartley (COM): We've just cleared the bridge, Captain. On our way to Hangar B now. (to Matt) FaSUM? No, we didn't have any reason to suspect they were involved.

        Loading editor
    • Matt: (COM) Well, this guy is definitely FaSUM, or at the very least was. I was under the impression that the faction been 'dealt with' by ONI. Anything you can add, Captain?

      Croft: (COM) Not much. The UNSC database also marks it as defunct. Probably just an ex-member. We'll discuss this further when you get back to the Sword. Right now, I need you to double-time it to the hangar. Best not keep Chetner waiting, he's pissed off already as is.

      Michaels nods to the ODSTs, as if to say 'time to go'. Matt pockets the data pad he'd found, along with the spare ammo and the Marines' tags, then gets to his feet.

      Michaels: You heard the man, let's get moving.

      Brace helps Leon to his feet, and supports him as the four ODSTs leave the room, heading for the hangar.

      (And since Red is away:)

      Michaels (COM): Bristow, Torine, why don't you two hang back and keep the bridge locked down while we meet with his majesty. We'll call for you if needed.

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    • Hartley's group leaves the bridge, keeping an eye out for Innies who might have survived. They arrive in the hangar a few minutes later, where they find Chetner, Quebec and a group of Marines waiting.

        Loading editor
    • Chetner: (to Bravo) Ah, you've finally arrived. (to Quebec's leader) Lieutenant Haverson, take your men and secure the bridge. I trust you will be able to hold it, unlike these fools.

      Michaels, Matt, Leon and Brace reach the hangar at this moment, falling in line behind the rest of Bravo.

        Loading editor
    • Hartley: It's secured, sir. We didn't encounter any rebels on the way here, and we left two men guarding it. I assume our mission here is complete?

        Loading editor
    • Chetner: I believe it is.  The hole you've ripped in her starboad flank's going to need more than stitches, and the blood you've got all over my floor's starting to dry solid,   But she's safe, in part because of you. 

        Loading editor
    • Some of the ODSTs roll their eyes.

      Hartley: Well then, Bravo, let's get going to the Sword(COM) Bristow, Torine, get here now, we're leaving.

        Loading editor
    • (I was busy earlier, CT, but if you want to chat now we can)

      Thermal sensors show a series of vertical lines rising from the planet's surface.

      Croft (COM): Damn it.  Another wave's on their way.  Bravo, sit tight and prepare for another chance to board.  There's no way we're getting a Pelican over with those things buzzing around.

      Chetner: In the meantime I want you and your men in the lower deck for security.  If they manange to get inside again, you know what to do.  Try not to do any more damage than you've already done, Lieutennant.  

        Loading editor
    • Haverson: We'll be the judges of that.

      With that, Quebec ignores the rest of dialogue between Hartley and Chetner, and jogs out of the room to 'secure' the bridge that Bravo had already cleared of rebels.

        Loading editor
    • (Got ninja'ed, Dab?)

      Hartley: You heard the man, Marines. Get to the lower deck.

      As the ODSTs begin to move out, Hartley turns back to Chetner, pushing Goldstein forward.

      Hartley: Oh, and Admiral? We found these men hiding, figured you'd want to have a talk with them.

        Loading editor
    • (Yup. Fixed it now.)

      Chetner stares at Goldstein for a moment, clearly not recognising the scientist. After a tense few seconds during which the scientist looks pleadingly back at the Admiral, Chetner seems to realise something and adopts a more friendly tone.

      Chetner: Ah, yes, they're part of my crew. What was it, uh...?

      The scientist looks gratefully towards the Admiral before replying.

      Goldstein: Goldstein, sir.

      Chetner: Goldstein, that's it! I remember now. (to nearby Marines) Take these men someplace safe. Don't let them out of your sight - if any harm comes to them, it'll be you I lay the blame on. (to Hartley) And you, you have your orders. Be about it. Now.

        Loading editor
    • (Dang it's been hectic.Okay, so Bravo cleared the Illustrious and now they're leaving as Quebec takes over holding the vessel. They recovered the scientists and are meeting with Chetner. Okay. So we're almost right back where we were last time before things hit the fan.)

        Loading editor
    • (No, Bravo are still on-board the Illustrious and are heading to the lower decks in preparation to fight off a second wave of boarders that Croft just detected. They've already met with Chetner. Other than that, all correct.)

        Loading editor
    • (Alright then. Damn I'm sorry guys. Graduation's coming up in a couple months, I've got to learn the ropes of college, get classes registered, all while maintaining my present grades and keeping up with other obligations. 

      Alright. So, I guess there isn't much for Phillipae to do yet. I will admit that at this point my excuse for having BlaSDiv be in the system is kind of weak but I'm not sure how else to get them involved.) 

        Loading editor
    • (This just is not fair. We were just starting to have fun again.) 

        Loading editor
    • (Do you ever even bother to look at the Wiki Activity page?)

        Loading editor
    • (I know I didn't.)

        Loading editor
    • (There is an activity page?)

        Loading editor
    • (By browsing the forum and joining an RP at random... That is kind of how I met you all.) 

        Loading editor
    • Thel Vadam4321 wrote:
      (This just is not fair. We were just starting to have fun again.) 

      (Yeah, it's a shame, but interest in this RP seems to have petered out. You're welcome to join the Another Mission thread, following another Task Force, Foxtrot, in events earlier in the timeline. I doubt you could fit Phillipae in, but you could create a new Covenant character, if you like.)

        Loading editor
    • (Maybe I'll do that Dab. How early in the timeline are we talking? BlaSDiv is supposed to be fairly old. I wouldn't necessarily shoe horn Phillipae in but I might consider a Covenant character who is a BlaSDiv operator.)

        Loading editor
    • (So, someone we would shoot. Got it.)

        Loading editor
    • (It's set in early 2551, I think. Around the same time as the Third and Fourth Battle threads were set.)

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    • A FANDOM user
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