"I knew we shouldn't have let that kid join Bravo..." — Brad Michaels

This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy article. It is not relevant to the current canon.

First Lieutenant Trent Pieterson is a pilot assigned to the UNSC Marine Corps, having formerly been a member of the Air Force. He is a member of Task Force Bravo, and serves as their pilot alongside copilot Emma Pickering.


Early lifeEdit

Trent was born in Casbah, on the planet of Tribute. He had an older sister, Eva, who later became an ODST and participated in the Fall of Reach, alongside Garth Chyenka. His father worked on the MagLev train systems of the city, but when the Insurrectionist riots occurred in the city, his father grew worried and the family moved to the Outer Colony of Arcadia, believing it to be safer from Insurrectionist attack. However, the Covenant attacked the planet in 2531, and it was then that Trent witnessed a squadron of Sparrowhawks defeating several Covenant ground forces, which otherwise would have destroyed the city his family lived in. After this, he and his family were evacuated, and returned to Tribute. This event was the reason for him joining the UNSC Air Force in later life.

UNSC Air ForceEdit

After the events of the Battle of Arcadia, Trent enrolled in the UNSC Air Force Training Academy in early 2534, finishing more quickly than most by 2537. His first field command was a Pelican dropship, which was responsible for deploying Marine forces to the surface of New Constantinople during the engagement there. He also helped evacuate military personnel and civilians from the planet. Following this, he fought in numerous battles of the Human-Covenant War.

Battle of CrystalEdit

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During the Battle of Crystal in 2550, Trent piloted a Pelican evacuating the UNSC frigate stationed above the planet. However, it was damaged by fire from a Tyrant Anti-Air Artillery and made a crash landing in a jungle. All but the copilot survived the crash. Lighting a flare, they attracted a group of Marines including Brian Hartley and Jameson Locke. He was later evacuated with the rest of the ODSTs by Pelican.

Once the reason for the Covenant's attack of Crystal, a Forerunner artefact known as a Casket, became known, the UNSC identified the excavation site. Trent was then responsible for piloting a Pelican dropship to the surface, to attack the site and disable the Covenant AA batteries there, to allow Locke through with his prowler. When his Pelican landed, the Marines engaged the Covenant forces from the front and allowed the frigate to deploy ODSTs via SOEIV and outflank the Covenant. After this, the AA batteries were destroyed and Locke's prowler landed.

However, when he was returning to the Pelican, he was shot in the neck by a round from a needle rifle, and was taken to the frigate's medical bay.