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This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy article. It is not relevant to the current canon.

UNSC Conqueror over Crystal
UNSC Conqueror
Production information


Stalwart-class light frigate

Technical specifications




Numerous personnel

  • 32 bridge officers
  • 20 medical officers
  • 70 engineers
  • 30 tech experts
  • 20 ODSTs
  • 150 Marines


Escort of capital ships.



Present for battles/events

Battle of Crystal

Known owner(s)


Known commander(s)

Commander George Wright

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The UNSC Conqueror (FFG-124) was a UNSC Stalwart-class light frigate that participated in the Battle of Crystal in late 2550.

Service historyEdit

Battle of CrystalEdit

Main Article: Battle of Crystal

When the Covenant attacked Crystal in late 2550, the Conqueror deployed ODST teams to the surface. ODST Brian Hartley then informed the Conqueror's Commander, George Wright, that the city of Ntesköe was under evacuation, and that the remaining civilians were being transported to the frigate. The Conqueror set down in a desert near the city, allowing the civilians to enter the ship. After this, Wright learned that the Covenant on the planet were searching for a Forerunner artefact known as the Casket, which was capable of destroying the entire system. Teams were then dispatched from the frigate to locate the Casket. However, they were too late, as the Casket had already activated itself. While the artefact was preparing to fire, the Conqueror collected its Marines and jumped away from the system, successfully evading its destruction.