Last Sunrise
UNSC Last Sunrise
Production information


Marathon-class cruiser

Technical specifications




Defence of Daego



Present for battles/events

Fall of Daego

Known owner(s)


Known commander(s)

Fleet Admiral Mark Ridley

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The UNSC Last Sunrise (CA-107) was a United Nations Space Command Marathon-class heavy cruiser and the capital ship of the Daego Defense Fleet. Its commander was Fleet Admiral Mark Ridley.

Service HistoryEdit

Fall of DaegoEdit

Main Article: Fall of Daego

In December 2550, a small portion of the Covenant Fleet of Steadfast Guard exited slipspace above Daego. The Last Sunrise, leading the Daego Defense Fleet, opened fire and managed to destroy a CCS-class battlecruiser. However, the Defense Fleet's victory was cut short when the rest of the Covenant fleet, led by the Sangheili Tolo 'Zhekamee in his assault carrier, arrived. 'Zhekamee's carrier then rammed into the Last Sunrise, destroying it.

With their capital ship destroyed, the remaining vessels of the Daego Defense Fleet were no match to the Covenant.

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