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This article predates the Great Reset, and is thus considered a Legacy article. It is not relevant to the current canon.

UNSC Sword of Giants
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Charon-class light frigate

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Numerous personnel



  • Transport of search-party.
  • Rescue of survivors from the Cygnus Slipspace Disaster (completed).



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The UNSC Sword of Giants (FFG-19) is a UNSC Charon-class light frigate originally assigned to the 3rd Search and Rescue Group, where it served at the Cygnus Slipspace Disaster. It was later given to Captain James Croft during the Casket Affair. It remained in service after the Daego Insertions, and saw action during many major battles such as the Fall of Reach and the Battle of Earth.

Service historyEdit

Cygnus Slipspace DisasterEdit

The Sword of Giants' first mission was to rescue survivors from the Cygnus Slipspace Disaster. For this mission it was captained by Captain Adam Oliver.

Upon arriving at the location of the incident, the frigate launched a number of D77-TC Pelicans to retrieve survivors from a Phoenix-class colony ship which had been cut in half by its malfunctioning slipspace drive. The operation was a success, as most of the survivors of the disaster were safely transported to a nearby colony world.

Daego InsertionsEdit

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After the Cygnus Slipspace Disaster, the Sword of Giants, now captained by James Croft, was sent to the human colony world of Daego to search for a massive Forerunner weapon called the Casket, as part of Operation: EUREKA. However, after sending its troops to the surface of the planet (who did not find the Casket), the Sword of Giants was attacked by the Covenant corvette Unconquerable Will. The frigate managed to damage the corvette's weapon systems, evacuate the Marines still on Daego, and return to Earth.

Mission to New JerusalemEdit

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After Daego, the Sword of Giants travelled to New Jerusalem to find more Caskets. It deployed twelve D96-TCE Albatrosses and twelve M312 Elephants to the surface, to search for the Forerunner weapons. Later in the battle, when the planet's population was evacuated in the stolen Covenant ship Requisition of Prosperity, the Sword was left behind. However, the AI of the Requisition managed to send the frigate to Reach via slipspace.

Fall of ReachEdit

The Sword was present when the Covenant invaded Reach in 2552. However, to what extent it participated in the battle remains unknown. It later escaped to Earth along with the UNSC Aegis Fate.

Battle of EarthEdit

Initial invasionEdit

The Sword was part of a battle group of the Seventh Fleet during the Battle of Earth. It managed to survive the initial assault on the planet made by the Fleet of Sacred Consecration, and was immediately sent to Germany after the Prophet of Truth's fleet started arriving.

Battle of the Rhine-RuhrEdit

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The frigate was sent to Essen to destroy a critical UNSC facility, Beweglichkeitsrüstungsysteme, containing classified prototypes, which were later revealed to be MJOLNIR GEN2 prototypes.

During the battle, Task Force Bravo destroyed several Covenant Mantis AA cannons in order to let the frigate approach Essen. Later, Bravo destroyed the UNSC facility and returned to the Sword.

Some time after the destruction of the base, the frigate deployed Task Force Bravo and a team of Covenant Separatists to a Covenant outpost near Essen to capture the stealth vessel Zealous Fury.

End of the battleEdit

During the last days of the Battle of Earth, the Sword of Giants deployed troops to Sydney, Cleveland and Kenya. When the Prophet of Truth arrived at Earth, the Sword of Giants, the Aegis Fate and the Forward Unto Dawn attacked the High Prophet's Forerunner Dreadnought with MAC rounds. The attack failed, however, and the Portal to the Ark was activated.


After the Human-Covenant War ended, the Sword was mainly used for freighting and transport duties, ferrying supplies between the colonies. However, it still participated in small missions against Insurrectionists.

Weapons and complementsEdit

The Sword of Giants carries a plethora of vehicles, but has a rather weak weapons system. It sports a Shiva-class nuclear missile, six M870 Rampart point defence guns, two ATAF missile turrets, various M58 archer missile pods and deck guns, and of course, a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon.

Before the start of Operation: EUREKA, the Sword was modified to deploy more troops than a standard Charon-class frigate. Three additional rows of SOEIVs were added to the back of the ship, which enabled the deployment of two Task Forces.