• Agent Locke

    Log 3 Character Bios

    August 21, 2015 by Agent Locke


    Password: ********************
















    Codeword: SILENT_NIGHT



    NAME: Nephilim Logan

    ALIASES/CALLSIGNS: Pike, Omega Nine Actual

    RANK: Master Sergeant(MSGT) E8

    MOS: 18Z(Senior Special Warfare Ser…

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  • Agent Locke

    Log 3 Chapters 1-4

    August 14, 2015 by Agent Locke


    April 19, 2553

    30 miles outside Star City


    Locke keyed the detonator and blew in the door, swinging in SMG-first. An insurrectionist popped up, and he shot it three times in the chest. One more started to turn and pull the trigger, but Locke hit him six times: Three in the head, one in the hand, two in the chest. He moved quickly towards the main door, smacking on another breaching charge. Far off, he heard Bogier's SRS fire. Inside, he heard yelling.

    Go time.

    Locke blew in the door, and started to pull the trigger-

    And felt the impact of a TTR round on his faceplate.

    "Gotcha, Locke."

    Johnson stepped out from around the corner, MA5 held loosely in hand. "Seriously, man, you're gonna get the hostages killed on the op."

    Locke sighed. …

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  • Agent Locke

    Log 3 Sneak Peek

    August 13, 2015 by Agent Locke


    July 13, 2573

    "And so we remember the sacrifices of those who came before. Today, we honor the men of Trident Company, 5th Shock Troops Battalion. We honor those who gave their lives to protect this planet."

    The general stepped down from the stand, and the curtain was removed to show a large bronze statue of a single man, holding a BR85 and directing a charge. At the bottom, there was a plaque.

    A lone man, who once had blond hair and had worked with Trident Company, stepped up. He scanned the plaque, looking for Sigma-Three. Once he found it he looked for one name, and found it. He read the inscription:

    LTJG Nathan Westbrook

    Detachment Commander of Sigma One – Fifteen

    Janurary 17, 2521 – May 3, 2553

    "It's not about honor or glory. It's ab…

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  • Agent Locke


    "And there were how many in the patrol?"

    Locke fumed inside. This debrief on Tararis had taken him too long. None of it made sense. They had the helmet cam footage, they had the weapons and bodies ID'd(Storm Covenant, all of them). So why did they need him?

    "There was an Elite, two jackals, and a bunch of grunts."

    "Armed with?" The interrogator pressed on.

    "Plasma rifles for the grunts, the jackals had Beam rifles, and the Elite had a Storm rifle."

    "Not what any normal patrol would carry."

    "No sir." Locke detected a shift in the officer's behavior. Slight, but it was there.

    "We're giving you a team to investigate. Zeta-One, a Navy-Army mix. You and six others. All ODSTs, all super-cleared beyond doubt."

    Locke smiled.

    "So you want us to cou…

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  • Agent Locke



    "Yeah, ICE?"

    Locke shifted his rifle. It was an SRS99C-S5 AM, trued by more custom shops than anyone could count until it would shoot groups of 0.047 MOA, locked and loaded with four of the best match-grade Armor-Piercing, Integrated Thermobaric Explosive rounds that the handloaders at ONI could make. They put an overkill 110 grains of powder behind a 1196-grain bullet, designation M233 AP-ITE +P+, of which there was 341 grains of a specialized version of C7 that would spray out and ignite inside whatever it hit. It would leave the barrel with a little over 45000 foot-pounds of energy. At the estimated range of 3200 meters, and adding on the eighteen inches of suppressor, it would be a very long shot with the energy…

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