Now, what with Awoken and Spartan Strike, I was thinking that maybe we could create a game for the Xbox, be it normal, 360, or One.

Gameplay would be similar to that of Halo 3: ODST. The player would swap between different Task Forces, each with their own Player Character, for the missions.

The TASKFORCE characters are as follows:

TASKFORCE 253(LIMA): Private Pierre DuFont(MA5C, M6G)

TASKFORCE 264(ECHO): Technical Sergeant David Westbrook(MA5C, M7)

TASKFORCE 290(BRAVO): Corporal Bradley Michaels(BR55, M6G)

TASKFORCE 297(ALPHA): Master Sergeant Franklin Griggs(MA5C, M6G)

TASKFORCE 322(GOLF): First Lieutenant Simon Riley(M7S, M6C/S)

TASKFORCE 374(FOXTROT): Senior Chief Petty Officer William Mitchell(M7S, M6C/S)

TASKFORCE 396(HOTEL): Sergeant Gary Simons(MA5C w/ M301, M6C)

TASKFORCE 439(CHARLIE): Sergeant Derek Ramirez(MA5C w/ M301, M6C/S)

TASKFORCE 451(DELTA): Corporal James Mason(M7S, M6C/S)

TASKFORCE 495(KILO): Corporal Chick Grey(M7S, M6C/S)

TASKFORCE 561(INDIA): Staff Sergeant Zachary Keating(M90, M6G)

TASKFORCE 572(JULIET): Lance Corporal Daniel Berlinsky(MA5K, M6J)

TASKFORCE 803(QUEBEC): Master Sergeant Rodger Callaghan(M7, M6C)

The non-TASKFORCE chararcters:

Second Platoon, New Alexandria Militia: Private First Class Joseph Allen(MA37, M6G)

Primary Character: Jared Decker(M6K)

3rd Bn. 1st Force Reconissance: Sergeant Oswald Daniels(MA5K, M6C/S)

1st Bn. 75th Ranger Regiment(Reach only): Private Ryan Shrake(MA5C w/ M301, M90)

The Lance of Pure Devotion: Field Marshal Uhzre 'Ontomee(Type-31 Rifle, Type-14 Pistol)

Gameplay would be similar to ODST as well. Get to an objective, find clues about what happened. The Player Character for this would be a private investigator by the name of Jared Decker, armed only with an M6K. Accuracy when playing as this character will be normal, but he cannot use zoom, except on the DMR, BR, and SRS. While playing as this person, you have access to several planets: Earth, Reach, New Jerusalem, Daego, and Cyrus VII.

The following clues can be found on Earth:

  1. Crashed Falcon(TASKFORCE 561/INDIA)[Shanghai]
  2. 12.7mm casing(TASKFORCE 439/CHARLIE)[Shanghai]
  3. Empty M7 magazine(TASKFORCE 322/GOLF)[Shanghai]
  4. Dropped C-7 can(TASKFORCE 451/DELTA)[St. Petersburg]
  5. Empty Magnum(TASKFORCE 374/FOXTROT)[Rio De Janero]

On Reach:

  1. Helmet Recorder(TASKFORCE 396/HOTEL)[Aszod]
  2. Chatter(Second Platoon, New Alexandria Militia)[New Alexandria]
  3. Downed Satelite(3rd Bn. 1st Force Reconissance)[New Alexandria]
  4. Skull(1st Bn. 75th Ranger Regiment)[New Alexandria]
  5. Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword(The Lance of Pure Devotion)[Aszod]


  1. Rusty Knife(TASKFORCE 297/ALPHA)[Richter Base]
  2. Burned-out Wraith(TASKFORCE 322/GOLF)[Harkov's Pass]
  3. Blackened Helmet(TASKFORCE 253/LIMA)[New Beijing]
  4. Needle Rifle(TASKFORCE 439/CHARLIE)[Mining Site HB]

New Jerusalem:

  1. Wrecked Darter(TASKFORCE 253/LIMA)[New Madrid]
  2. Empty ammunition belt(TASKFORCE 495/KILO)[Tzab Shveh]
  3. Needle Rifle(The Lance of Pure Devotion)
  4. Monitor(TASKFORCE 290/BRAVO)[Tzab Shveh]
  5. Datapad(TASKFORCE 572/JULIET)[Tzab Shveh]

Cyrus VII:


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