July 13, 2573

"And so we remember the sacrifices of those who came before. Today, we honor the men of Trident Company, 5th Shock Troops Battalion. We honor those who gave their lives to protect this planet."

The general stepped down from the stand, and the curtain was removed to show a large bronze statue of a single man, holding a BR85 and directing a charge. At the bottom, there was a plaque.

A lone man, who once had blond hair and had worked with Trident Company, stepped up. He scanned the plaque, looking for Sigma-Three. Once he found it he looked for one name, and found it. He read the inscription:

LTJG Nathan Westbrook

Detachment Commander of Sigma One – Fifteen

Janurary 17, 2521 – May 3, 2553

"It's not about honor or glory. It's about being that Orwellian rough man, making sure that people sleep soundly in their beds."

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