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    Once again, the Battle Series is going through a very rough stage. Although we got some new members, they are barely active. Dab hasn't posted since November, and CB and Locke usually just post one-liners that don't contribute much. Vessel, Red and I do post occasionally, but in the end, the only one who RPs actively is Sean. The reason for this problem is simple: the RP isn't as appealing as it used to be. There's also the fact that many of the posts on the RP are between brackets, which severely disrupt the flow of the action. Seriously, we're at 345 posts and we haven't even entered the rebel facility.

    So I decided to write this blog to get people's opinions on the matter. Do you have any other theories on why the RP is dying, or do you …

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    Hello, fellow Bravopedians! I'm making another blog to discuss the events of the Battle of Installation 04 in the Battle Series. I've been thinking about it lately, and probably the most NCF thing we have here is DAB's participation in the Battle of Installation 04. It's a well known fact in the Halo universe that John-117 was the only Spartan to take part in the battle (except for Linda, but she technically doesn't count) and, with Halo: The Flood, it's very obvious that Antonio Silva didn't meet a second Spartan in Alpha Base and that there was only one Spartan on the Pillar of Autumn.

    So, how are we going to solve this? Do you have any ideas? Do we retcon DAB's presence at Alpha Base, or do we even retcon his participation in the Battle o…

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    Hello, fellow Bravopedians! Today I'm going to talk about the timeline of the events that took place between the First Battle of New Jerusalem and the Fall of Reach. Since the Condor used by Bravo was retconned and replaced with the prowler Shadow of Splendour, the slipspace jumps changed drastically. So, I've made a few retcons here and there, and changed the timeline a little bit, to clear up confusions.

    April 9, 2551: The First Battle of New Jerusalem ends. Bravo and the civilians leave the planet aboard the Requisition of Prosperity. The Prelude to Penance is left behind.

    May 15, 2551: The Requisition's slipspace drive fails, and the ship falls out of slipspace in interstellar space.

    June 19, 2551: The AI of the Requisition sends the Sword of Gian…

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