Hello, fellow Bravopedians! Today I'm going to talk about the timeline of the events that took place between the First Battle of New Jerusalem and the Fall of Reach. Since the Condor used by Bravo was retconned and replaced with the prowler Shadow of Splendour, the slipspace jumps changed drastically. So, I've made a few retcons here and there, and changed the timeline a little bit, to clear up confusions.

April 9, 2551: The First Battle of New Jerusalem ends. Bravo and the civilians leave the planet aboard the Requisition of Prosperity. The Prelude to Penance is left behind.

May 15, 2551: The Requisition's slipspace drive fails, and the ship falls out of slipspace in interstellar space.

June 19, 2551: The AI of the Requisition sends the Sword of Giants to them via slipspace.

July 7, 2551: Bravo uses the Sword of Giants to ferry the civilians to Reach. The Armoury's artefacts are left on the Requisition.

July 20, 2551: Jameson Locke and Sasuun 'Grtam use a Condor to get to the UNSC Levittown and capture Eric Baker.

August 29, 2551: The remaining members of Bravo and the UNSC Sixth Battle Group engage a small Covenant fleet over the Requisition's ruins. They are successful, but DAB seemingly perishes in the battle.

September 25, 2551: Bravo returns to Reach. Michaels has a mental breakdown caused by DAB's apparent death and is transferred to Master Sergeant Frost's squad, Delta-Two.

May 14, 2552: Bravo, in the prowler Shadow of Splendour, arrives at Cyrus VII. They are captured by Covenant forces.

June 26, 2552: Bravo is taken to a Covenant prison camp in an unidentified space station.

June 28, 2552: Bravo finds DAB in the prison camp and starts a rebellion. They clear the station of Covenant forces and find the Huragok Slightly Drifts.

June 29, 2552: Slightly Drifts takes the prison camp's prisoners to Reach aboard a corvette. Bravo places several charges on the station, boards the Shadow of Splendour, and makes a slipspace jump to the other side of the system.

July 2, 2552: A Covenant fleet, carrying the last Casket, docks with the station. The station blows up, destroying the fleet.

July 17, 2552: Bravo arrives on the other side of the system. They learn that the Covenant have discovered the location of Reach and are planning an attack on the planet.

August 29, 2552: Bravo arrives at Reach. The planet is under attack by a massive Covenant fleet. They reunite with Michaels on the UNSC Saratoga.

So as you can see, I've made a few retcons, such as Michaels not participating in the Expedition to Cyrus VII, but the overall story remains intact. What do you think?

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