So, for all who are reading this blog, April 21st is our 1 Year Anniversary Day (Hoooray !). This means that on April 21st, Bravo is going to become 1 year old. But, what are we gonna do on that day. We will celebrate (obviously), but is there anything in-RP to celebrate?

Originally, I wrote this blog before, but due to Internet Problems , I couldnt't. I was originally thinking that on April 21st, we will finish the infamous Human-Covenant War. But, we have already done that (Oh god no!). So, what do we do now?

I've got one nice idea. April 21st is the day on which Bravo will go back to its original mission, Operation: EUREKA. Until then, we could do some other Innie missions and go to any battle using HCW Era Weapons and Equipment. Thus, it can be a real party and enjoyment.

So, now, how do we party really? We can't do that, there ain't any E-Parties or E-meetings. But we can do something. I have an idea, but it is unusual and stupid. We can come on Skype and enjoy. But I can't come. So, we better enjoy here on the wiki itself. If you have any suggestions, tell them in the comments.


Coolbuddy379 (COM Channel) (Service Record) 09:59, April 9, 2015 (UTC)

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