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    DAB-101: Retconmania

    October 3, 2015 by Dab1001

    Ok, it's time for stuff to change.

    I know DAB's name, backstory, and many other things about him are ridiculous. I have heard your complaints and I have ignored them, until now. When I joined the RP back in the Fourth Battle, I was only a year younger than I am now, but I was extremely naive. Since then, I've stubbornly held fast for no particular reason other than sentimentality, but after that ONI fiasco that everyone hated, I think some major retcons are in order.

    I'm going to suggest some retcons here that should help

    Just like the Doctor himself, DAB has gone unnamed for the entirity of the series, having only the name DAB-101. This will not change - he'll still be called DAB. The only major adjustment will be the removal of the -101 tag…

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