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  • I live in Air on January 7, 2017
  • I was born on March 29
  • My occupation is Aparently, a Bunch of Stuff
  • I am Male
  • Haloprov

    Hello there User! This blog is me talking about the reader's standpoint and the overall understanding on the rollplaying of the Bravo's Adventures Universe.

    Keep in mind that this is through a readers standpoint

    I've have seen your activities for awhile on the Recent Changes on Halo Nation whenever any of you would rollplaying (dat hard-core stalking). I've sometimes even browse through some of your threads and read up on your adventures. As this wikia came to life over a month ago, I could see myself getting caught in the same boat as I did when the Team Heretic Dinofox Wikia came about when it comes to the overall story. Early in THDF, I was a editor, like here, helping with wording, templates, and some general ideas. I used to even read up…

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