Okay, so it is quite obvious that the wiki has bled out. The threads have all died, and the only thing that is really still in use is the chatroom. So, I decided to write this blog in order to find out why the wiki has died and, more importantly, how we can fix it.

First of all: people have simply lost interest in the Battle Series. CT himself stated that in over a year of playing this RP, he has grown bored of it, and has taken to looking for other RPs, such as the Alien: Desolation RP. However, since no one knows how to continue it, that has sort of died too.

Then, there's the fact that the Post-War is horrible. There is very little to do, except fighting some rebels and exterminating some remnant Covenant. And let's not forget the Prometheans, who are just dumb and should be purged from the universe.

So, now there's the important question: what is there that we can do to revive this wiki? We could all find a subject for an RP that interests us, and create something new. This could be anything, such as a new Halo RP set before or during the War, or perhaps during the Forerunner-Flood War. Or we could find another universe to do an RP in, or even create our own universe.

So, here's my thoughts. Do you know another reason for why the wiki is dead, or do you have an idea on how to revive the wiki? Please tell us in the comment section.

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