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    So, for all who are reading this blog, April 21st is our 1 Year Anniversary Day (Hoooray !). This means that on April 21st, Bravo is going to become 1 year old. But, what are we gonna do on that day. We will celebrate (obviously), but is there anything in-RP to celebrate?

    Originally, I wrote this blog before, but due to Internet Problems , I couldnt't. I was originally thinking that on April 21st, we will finish the infamous Human-Covenant War. But, we have already done that (Oh god no!). So, what do we do now?

    I've got one nice idea. April 21st is the day on which Bravo will go back to its original mission, Operation: EUREKA. Until then, we could do some other Innie missions and go to any battle using HCW Era Weapons and Equipment. Thus, it…

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    Rick Jones' Story

    January 26, 2015 by S-D379

    Hey guys. Another blog here. As the title tells, you may understand.

    Ricardo Jones, also known as Rick Jones was born in 2477. He was enlisted into the ORION Project. In 2552, he was asigned to Task Force Bravo.

    But the point is, what is his history. If he was born in 2477, he would be over 80 years by now. So, I was thinking he could be made a member of OPERATION:TREBUCHET and was on a frigate on a mission when the Ship's fuel was over and he went to Cryo-Sleep for maybe 40-45 years. The ship was found on Reach and then he woke up and boarded the PoA. Then he was during the Battle of Installation 04, though he wasn't with Bravo. He had heard of Bravo and wished of joining them, but he thought of joining after they get out of the Halo. Then …

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    Welcome !!!

    January 12, 2015 by S-D379

    Welcome everyone ot the new wiki. This means we have our own webstie related entirely to Bravo's Adventures. No worries of the Halo Fanon admins. No worries of canon-inconststencies. Feel free to contribute. Mainly, thank Locke for making this wiki. Maybe what happens if a 343i member visits this wiki?

    Currently, we need to make articles fast. I have already made a dozen of them, & our deadline is Feb 7th. So start editing people.


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