For those who haven't noticed or simply haven't cared, I have been adding in some minor characters via the TacCom to create a more realistic scenario.  Yup that's right, the unneeded ramblings strike again!  In most of the recent member updates, from Ninth Battle onwards, a few ambiguous naval personnel have appeared, stating their minds in the "Notes" section.  

No, these are not random names, nor are they one-offs or dead-on-arrival characters.  These are the members of a, so far unnamed, naval battle group, the very same battle group that holds possession of the Sword of Giants.  Previously lead by Baker, the ships of this grouping are currently in-station over Earth, defending against the Covenant dogma.  Because they might appear later, I made a quick little list of the ships and their respected captains.

[STRUCK] UNSC Mists of Avalon - Halcyon-Class - Admiral Baker

UNSC Little John - Marathon-Class - Admiral Kellogg

UNSC Illustrious - Marathon-Class - Vice Admiral Chetner

UNSC Fear No Evil - Paris-Class - Rear Admiral Zabala

UNSC Not One Step Backwards - Paris-Class- Captain Davis

UNSC Silver Hammer - Paris-Class - Captain Tiberion

[STRUCK] UNSC Levittown - Paris-Class - Captain Asch

UNSC Sword of Giants - Charon-Class - Captain Croft

UNSC Enemy of My Enemy - Stalwart-Class - Captain Jones

UNSC Molon Labe - Halberd-Class - Captain Campos

UNSC Shadow of Twilight - Halberd-Class - Captain Levi

UNSC El Alamein - Halberd-Class - Captain Ruben

UNSC 25 or 6 to 4 - Halberd-Class - Captain El-Karimi

UNSC Double Negative - Halberd-Class - Captain Papadopoulos

Eventually, I will get around to detailing the happenings of the more important ships, but that'll come later  In the mean time, see what names you can pickout or that you remember seeing somewhere or another.  Anyway, that's all for now.   Byee.

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