Zealous Fury
Production information



Technical specifications


914.4 meters (3,000 feet)


182.88 meters (600 feet)


149.352 meters (490 feet)

Power plant

Dual hyper fusion reactor cores




  • Sensor bafflers
  • Counter intrusion systems
  • High accuracy point defence laser turrets





Stealth-combat vessel and mobile command platform


Commissioned by Commander 'Vlassam's predecessor Relik 'T'raro in 2539 A.D.

Earliest sighting

First UNSC encounter occurred at the Battle of Earth when the Fury was captured and impounded by Jiralhanae forces planetside.



BlaSDiv special operations fleet

Known owner(s)

Phillipae 'Vlassam

Known crewmembers

Has Poor Balance (Huragok)

Known commander(s)

Phillipae 'Vlassam

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The ZXV Zealous Fury is a stealth-combat vessel owned and operated by Black Seraph Division commander Phillipae 'Vlassam.


The ZVX Zealous Fury is the only ship in its class. It is a little larger than a UNSC Charon-class light frigate.

It is the largest known stealth vessel. Despite its large size, the Zealous Fury is also the best and most successful known stealth vessel in service thanks to constant maintenance, upgrades, and refits by the Black Seraph Division's skunkworks and a devoted crew of Huragok.

(Side note: The only instance of a larger object being cloaked was at the Battle of Reach when a CSO-class supercarrier was concealed via a cloak grid supported by spire relays.)

The Zealous Fury is outfitted with the highest grade Covenant technology and contains numerous prototype systems. The ship also has a crew of trained Huragok on-board always working to improve every aspect of the vessel.

The Fury is outfitted with an ultra high grade cloaking device, dual hyper fusion reactor cores, and an integrated dumb AI that functions as ship computer. The Fury is capable of autonomous flight or being commanded by a lone individual with no crew required.

The Fury was, for its first year of service, utilized for special operations that required swift infiltration and exfiltration. It is only in recent years and specifically after the Great Schism of the Covenant that the ship remains largely without any mission parameters aside from the protection of Sanghelios and her colonies.

Phillipae 'Vlassam frequently uses his resources including the Zealous Fury to aid his allies in the UNSC for the sake of friendship, camaraderie, and the politics between the Swords of Sanghelios and the UNSC/UEG.

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